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A few negative reviews, scattered across multiple platforms, can quickly tarnish a cosmetic surgeon’s credibility, ultimately costing tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. A doctor’s online reputation is often the first thing potential patients see. Unfortunately, it takes very little negative feedback to bring down a physician's reputation for years to come.

There is little to no way a doctor can counteract this information, once it is online, even when the negative review is unfounded. This is where MD Internet Marketing can help. We have successfully removed more than 50 reviews from Google, My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and RealSelf, dramatically cleaning up each cosmetic surgeon’s online reputation and restoring a positive online presence.

Understanding the Origin of Negative Reviews

Inevitably, bad reviews are going to happen to the best of doctors. No matter how friendly the bedside manner, or the customer-centric attitude of the staff, sooner or later, a disgruntled patient will come along. Some patients are argumentative and combative, while others may be upset over things out of your practice’s control, such as their insurance company's refusal for reimbursements, while others are simply having a bad day. It is not just fickle patients that are leaving sour reviews; unhappy ex-employees, former colleagues, and even competitors will use anonymous online testimonials as a way to get back at your practice. MD Internet Marketing has seen it all. MD Internet Marketing’s President Logan Pence was recently published in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Read the article here.

Cosmetic surgeons are dedicated to providing exemplary medical care and now must also provide excellent customer service. Yet with no accountability for unfounded negative testimonials, most anyone has the power to say whatever they want online. These reviews will last forever, while the only person feeling any repercussions is the doctor.

Offsetting a Bad Review

A rule of thumb is that each medical practice needs to implement a proactive strategy to offset any negative reviews that arise. Part of this plan protects the doctor’s reputation by proactively encouraging happy patients to leave a review. There are several methods to successfully build a safety net of positive reviews and testimonials that can counter negative feedback.

So what happens if a dreaded bad review is posted? Though the hope is that each negative review will get lost under the many positive testimonials already amassed, this is not necessarily the case. These poor reviews do not go away on their own and therefore, must be addressed using a specific tested process.

Suppressing a Bad Review

Once a negative review has been written online, it can be very difficult to remove. While it can be done, removing reviews from Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and RealSelf is an art. This is a meticulous process that takes both skill and a comprehensive understanding of the individual platform, knowing exactly how the specific review system works.

Keep in mind, because of HIPPA regulations, surgeons do not have the ability to publicly defend themselves. Unlike other businesses that receive online reviews, doctors are strictly prohibited from sharing any facts or even confirming the review is from a patient. This makes it impossible to refute an unfair or unjust testimonial without breaking medical privacy laws. Without the power to share their side of the story, just a few bad reviews can prove detrimental to a doctor’s practice.

MD Internet Marketing Removes Bad Reviews

At MD Internet Marketing, our professionals have a deep understanding of patient review platforms, offering the most effective and successful chance for removing a negative testimonial. Working together to isolate the lowest reviews, there is a reasonable chance negative testimonials can be removed. MD Internet Marketing will analyze your online reviews for FREE, locating the problematic reviews that are tarnishing your reputation as a cosmetic surgeon. Once a negative transcript has been isolated, MD Internet Marketing will delve into the review and the platform, determining the potential to have it removed. This location service is complimentary for cosmetic surgeons.

However, once the negative review has been removed and is no longer online, a fee of $750.00 will be due.

MD Internet Marketing Monitors Your Online Reputation

Constantly monitoring online reviews should be an integral part of every plastic surgery practice’s growth strategy. MD Internet Marketing takes the difficulties out of tediously searching the various online review sites. We are your biggest ally, constantly watching more than 70 online profiles.

We highly recommend working proactively to get positive reviews before you ever receive a negative testimonial. If your reputation has already been damaged by a negative review, contact MD Internet Marketing to enact a reputation restoration plan. Call our office at (954) 993-5154, or fill out our online Contact Us form, to get more details on our system to eliminate harmful and unjust, negative reviews.


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