Reputation & Review Management ($349.00 Per Month) rsw 1280

Promote Your Practice, Get More Positive Reviews & Control Your Online Reputation

  1. Monitor Your Online Reviews Across 70+ Sites
  2. Review Report Card – An easy to understand Review Report Card helps you track and understand the performance.  Our Review Report Card helps you take control of your online reputation by revealing the sites where you need reviews the most.
  3. New Review Alerts - We monitor your profile every day and notify you when any review is detected, both positive and negative on one of 70+ review sites across your online profiles on the internet.
  4. Personalized / Smart Review Link - Review Link integrates your existing patient feedback surveys and intelligently routes happy patients online to write reviews. We give you a personalized Review Link that can be given to any patient. Our Review Link technology determines which review site is most important for you and your practice. Our most successful customers incorporate their Review Link in all types of patient communication. You can print your Review Link on your appointment cards, business cards, website, letters, and emails.
  5. Text Reviews - Make it easy for patients to leave reviews in moments when your care is top of mind. Take advantage of the convenience of mobile devices, and invite them to text their reviews while they are in your office. Text reviews use our Review Link technology to send positive reviews to the sites that matter most.
  6. Add Reviews Directly to Your Website - Showcase your best reviews on your own website. You have full control over which reviews are displayed on your custom review feed. We will work with your webmaster for easy Implementation.
  7. Improve Your Namespace - Patients search by specialty, city, neighborhood, etc. There are dozens of ways they can search for your practice, and your profile can appear from one of 70+ different review sites, not just Google. We will help optimize your profiles across all your review sites for increased SEO visibility.

MD Internet Marketing’s President Logan Pence was published in the December 2020 Issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Read the article.

Remove Negative Online Reviews

A few negative reviews, scattered across multiple platforms, can quickly tarnish a cosmetic surgeon’s credibility, ultimately costing tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. A doctor’s online reputation is often the first thing potential patients see.


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