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What Our Clients Are Saying About Live Chat crw 600h 300

"We have been using Live Chat on our website for many years and have been seeing decent results, but we did not like the mobile integration of our previous vendor. We switched over to MD Internet Marketing’s Live Chat feature and saw immediate results with the text and Facebook integrations. They have been integral in providing our patients with a platform for easy communication with our practice, as well as provide immediate answers to potential patients' questions."

- Dr. Paul Vitenas

How It Works

  • A unique SMS text phone number is assigned to your practice, then it is added to your website.
  • Visitors can chat via their native mobile texting app.
  • Real chat agents conduct 24/7 SMS text chats.
  • Relevant lead information is emailed to you immediately.
  • Visitors can be transferred from Live Chat directly to your practice phone in real-time.
  • Every chat is encrypted to protect patient privacy and ensure 100% compliance with the law. crw 600h 300 1 1

Benefits crw 600h 300 2
  • Your visitors’ mobile numbers are captured immediately.
  • Visitors have the comfort of using their own phones and the convenience to engage on the go and on their own time.
  • Chat with your website visitors in real-time.
  • Live Chat has proven to increase your website conversion rate by over 25%.
  • Live Chat elements can be branded with your logo, color scheme and custom images.
  • English and Spanish are both available for your website visitors

General Texting Statistics

  • Prospects who are sent text messages convert 40% higher.
  • The average adult spends 23 hours a week texting.
  • Messaging is the #1 reported use of smartphones.
  • 64% of consumers think positively of companies that offer texting.
  • 51% of chat leads generated come from mobile versus desktop.
  • Clients see a 34% increase in mobile chat leads. crw 600h 300 1 rsw 600h 300cg true

5 Reasons To Add Chat

  1. Acquire More Leads
  2. Increase Patient Satisfaction
  3. Receive a Positive ROI
  4. Gain a Competitive Advantage
  5. Be More Available

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Live Chat Infor. for Plastic Surgeons

Adding live chat to an aesthetic surgery website provides a direct and convenient communication channel for prospects and patients to ask questions, move down the sales funnel, and receive real-time assistance. By providing another communication option in addition to phone or email, Live Chat and SMS Text messaging has proven to increase the number of conversations on your website. This feature enhances the overall patient experience, reduces time with the front office, and reduces hurdles when choosing an aesthetic provider.

Live chat enhances the patient experience by providing a convenient, private and instant communication channel. Patients can easily connect with your practice, ask questions, and receive information from the comfort of their own home or even at work. This eliminates the need for some phone calls, giving your team the ability to focus on other priorities. We have found using managed live chat is a better option than having the office attempt to be available to answer communications via live chat, as they usually have other tasks to complete.

Prospects are impatient. Real-time interaction through live chat allows patients to receive immediate responses to their questions. This quick and efficient communication ensures that patients can get the assistance they need promptly, resulting in a higher level of satisfaction and improved patient experiences. An additional benefit is the 24/7 perceived availability of your practice, where the chat agents are available and will send full transcripts of the chats upon completion.

Live chat plays a crucial role, as it provides a direct and instant communication channel for patients to connect with the office and receive real-time assistance. This ensures that patients' inquiries are addressed promptly, saving them time and reducing any anxiety or stress that may come with waiting for a response. Ultimately, this leads to higher patient satisfaction and higher conversion rates.

Implementing a live chat feature on your website can greatly reduce unnecessary calls to the front office. By providing instant assistance, visitors can find answers to their queries without needing to call. This saves time for both customers and staff, streamlining operations and minimizing phone traffic. Efficient and convenient, live chat enhances customer experience while reducing the burden on your front office. This feature alone has a positive ripple effect that enhances the customer's journey and even enhances the experience of the patients as the focus on the front office can be on the patients inside the office.

Integrating live chat with other communication tools like call connect and Facebook Messenger allows seamless switching between channels, further enhancing the customer experience. Customers can choose their preferred method, while agents have a centralized platform for managing interactions. This integration improves efficiency, enables better customer support, and expands reach, fostering a more comprehensive and unified communication experience.

Managed live chat involves human agents who engage in real-time conversations with customers. They provide personalized and empathetic support, understanding nuances and complex inquiries. Agents can adapt to unique situations, showcase problem-solving skills, and offer a human touch, creating a more personalized customer experience. AI chatbots, on the other hand, are computer programs powered by artificial intelligence. They use pre-programmed responses and machine learning algorithms to interact with customers. While chatbots can handle repetitive queries and provide instant responses, they may lack the ability to understand complex or nuanced requests, requiring human intervention for more sophisticated issues. Managed live chat offers human interaction, empathy, and adaptability, while AI chatbots excel in scalability, quick responses, and handling routine inquiries. Both have their merits and can be utilized based on the specific needs and resources of a business.

Live chat plays a crucial role in capturing and analyzing patient feedback, enabling continuous improvement of the patient experience. By engaging in real-time conversations, staff members can gather valuable insights, concerns, and suggestions directly from patients. These interactions can be logged, evaluated, and used to identify areas for enhancement. Analyzing live chat data empowers staff to address issues promptly, optimize processes, and ultimately deliver a better and more personalized patient experience.

Live chat is a valuable tool for patients to stay connected even during off-hours or when they are unable to answer phone calls. With live chat, patients can reach out and receive assistance through text-based communication, providing flexibility and convenience. They can ask questions, seek information, or address concerns at their own pace. Live chat ensures continuous support, allowing patients to stay connected and receive timely assistance, regardless of time constraints or availability for phone calls.

Implementing a live chat feature on a doctor's website requires careful attention to key considerations and best practices. First, the chat feature will be custom to your practice, easily accessible and prominently displayed on both desktop and mobile. We will build a knowledge base about your practice, so that the chat agents will be knowledgeable, empathetic, and skilled in handling inquiries about your practice. As chat transcripts are sent to the practice, integrate the leads with the existing systems in order for seamless information sharing and patient follow-up. Regularly analyze chat transcripts and provide user feedback to identify areas for improvement. These are some of the best practices that will enhance the user experience, foster communication, and contribute to overall satisfaction.


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