Digital And Social Media Marketing Associate

Digital and Social Media Marketing Associate for Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency in Houston, Texas

MD Internet Marketing is looking for a Digital and Social Media Marketing Associate to assist with the digital marketing efforts of large, well-established, well-respected, fast-paced, cosmetic plastic surgery practices across the United States. We’re 100% remote and have a specialized concentration in the aesthetic industry, Logan Pence (CEO) and MD Internet Marketing bring more than 10 years of management and marketing experience to plastic surgery practices. rsw 400cg truem 1

Focused on helping cosmetic surgery practices maximize their potential, MD Internet Marketing leverages digital marketing tactics through customized strategies. Today’s medical consumers are remarkably diverse, demanding quality and transparency. MD Internet Marketing can play an integral part in helping both established and new practices position themselves in the market, meeting consumer needs to build a strong, positive brand image.

By developing practical and adaptable marketing solutions for each practice, we provide a competitive advantage that connects with measurable results. Working as a liaison between the practice and the vendor, we help to maximize this relationship, building trust for sustained growth. MD Internet Marketing is a skilled, reliable, and accountable partner, using innovative thinking to build your practice, your brand and your reputation.

MD Internet Marketing is trusted by practices both large and small, offering an unprecedented level of customer service and objective marketing skills. If you are looking to grow your career in digital marketing using the latest solutions, and best-practice methods this could be the right position for you.

The ideal candidate must have superior communication skills, impeccable grammar, attention to detail and the ability to work in a demanding environment.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Creating professional, engaging, exciting and educational content for our social media pages, including, but not limited to FB, IG, LKN, YT and TW.
  2. Filming and editing video content for posting to our social media pages, on a continual basis
  3. Optimizing, editing and sharing blog entries on social media, on a regular basis.
  4. Responding to all direct messages from social media followers in accordance with our internal policies in a timely manner.
  5. Contributing to the creation and execution of digital and social ad strategy development and analysis.
  6. Creatively directs video content and video segments, edits raw video, designs digital video effects, and creates graphics as needed in order to create finished videos.
  7. Create content in the form of blogs, images, and video
  8. Support ongoing digital marketing & sales efforts for MD Internet Marketing
  9. Auditing online campaigns, identifying opportunities and recommending alternative approaches to the management team.
  10. Review all current marketing endeavors for quality assurance

The Ideal Candidate Must Possess the Following:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Communication, English, Business, or in related field(s) or currently enrolled in a Bachelor’s program in a related discipline is required.
  2. A minimum of 1-year experience using social media platforms including FB, IG, and YT
  3. A solid understanding of web analytics and web designing
  4. Proficient in filming and editing videos using Smart Phone Apps
  5. Knowledge in Adobe Illustrator or Canva
  6. Ability to work well under pressure and deliver high-quality results.
  7. Must have the ability to complete tasks and responsibilities independently and/or with limited or no supervision.
  8. Must possess team spirit and be able to interact professionally with internal and external customers alike.
  9. Must have exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  10. Must possess a positive attitude, sound judgment, display professional behavior at all times and should have a passion for the Cosmetic Surgery Industry

This position is remote and part-time (10-20 hours per week)

Please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]


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