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Motivational Monday “Quotes”: Post a motivational quote in graphic format that relates to health, beauty and/or wellness. Examples include, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” “Three months from now, you will thank yourself.” “Make yourself a priority.” Motivational Monday “Fitness”: Post informational posts on how plastic surgery or treatments can promote a healthy lifestyle. Examples include; an informational post on breast implants and working out; post on the advantages of breast reduction surgery, etc. Motivation Monday “Fashion”: Post photos of the latest fashions that can worn after client’s new body treatments and surgeries i.e. breast augmentation, reduction or lift; liposuction, tummy tuck or coolsculpting. Man Up Monday: Post information on treatments and procedures that are now popular for men with a corresponding photograph. Choose a new treatment/procedure for each post and try not to repeat.


Testimonial Tuesday: Post a client testimonial in graphic format. Choose a new testimonial each week that highlights a different procedure or customer experience than previous weeks. Doctor Appreciation: Post a photo of any flowers, gifts, thank you notes etc. that appreciative clients have sent to the office. Doctor Awards: Post a photo and explanation of an award the doctor has received in the last five years. It can be a photo of the award itself, a snip of the article announcing the award or a photo of the doctor receiving the award. Choose a new award for each post. Skincare Products: Take photos or use vendor photos of skincare products available for purchase and post a new product every week. Include information on the advantages and expected results, as well as any discounts or specials (if applicable).


Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Post an informational quote from the doctor with the doctor’s photo. Wednesday Words of Wisdom: Post the link to a blog post from the doctor with a one or two sentence summary of the blog topic. Vendor Content or Procedures: Post informational content on treatments such as Coolsculpting or Profound. High quality vendor photos can be used for these posts. True or False Questions: Post true or false questions on major plastic surgeries or treatments, new techniques, new products, industry statistics etc.


Transformation Thursday: Post before and after photos of client procedures. Pick a new procedure every week and try not to repeat. Before and after photo collages have already been created for Facebook Services tab and can be repurposed for these posts. Staff Treatment Photos: Take photos of the doctor performing treatments on the staff. Photos should be focused more on the doctor performing the treatment than on the patient. Unlike client photos, staff photos do not require written consent to take and post. Surgery Photos: Post photos of the doctor operating with an explanation of the surgery being performed and possible statics, i.e. Doctor X performing his 300th Breast Augmentation; these photos don’t need to show the client. Current Promotions: Post any current promotions on treatments or procedures at your office, along with a relative photo. FAQs: Post a common question on treatments or procedures with the correct answer and a corresponding photo.


Humor: Post a funny meme that relates to health and wellness, beauty or skincare. Doctor Lifestyle: Post photos of the doctor that help clients relate to him or her as a person. Examples include, vacation photos, family fun photos, networking or employee event photos etc. Client Lifestyle: Post photos from clients enjoying their new lifestyle after surgery or treatments. Ask clients to tag us on Facebook or Instagram on their new adventures. Around the Office: Post “Office Tours” with photos or a virtual tour of the office, announcements of staff birthdays, photos of employee events, etc.

Miscellaneous Post links to industry related articles with a one or two sentence summary of the article’s topic. Sources include cosmetic surgery articles in major beauty publications such as Allure and Harper’s Bazaar; as well as industry expert sources such as, etc. Holiday Posts: Posts celebrating major holidays and awareness months i.e. the office decorated for the winter holidays, a holiday themed question, post promoting skincare awareness month etc.


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