Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning For Your Plastic Surgery Practice

It is almost impossible to accomplish anything without a clear plan. Research shows that aesthetic practices that create and consistently follow a strategic plan have a distinct advantage in their local market over those that do not. Let MD Internet Marketing help with your strategic planning by doing the heavy lifting, ensuring your practice takes full advantage of all available opportunities by meeting realistic, established goals that avoid wasted marketing dollars and time. rsw 400cg truem 2

The Value of a Strategic Plan

A strategic plan puts your short-term and long-term business goals into a clearly stated and easily followed document. This road-map is created around your practice’s vision, while keeping in mind the size and age of your office(s), the services offered, and the demographics of your market. By creating a strategic plan, you can monitor your practice’s growth throughout the year. Staff members know the yearly goals and can stay on track. A steady stream of patients and increased revenues are direct rewards of a well-thought out strategic plan.

A Talented Coach is Critical to Success

The secret to a successful aesthetic practice is the understanding that you cannot do everything on your own. Plastic surgeons, front office staff and office managers must all stick to what they do best -focusing on the plastic surgery experience they are providing their clients. Then let a cosmetic surgery marketing professional track useful business trends, manage patient needs, online marketing, SEO, and rapidly changing technology. Top practices need to become increasingly flexible within today’s complex healthcare environment, fast-tracking to the top, with the help of an experienced cosmetic surgery marketing professional.

MDIM has a singular goal: helping you grow your practice with the least amount of effort from the plastic surgeon. We will keep you focused on realistic, established goals while avoiding serious financial mistakes through proven and effective strategies, already utilized by some of the most successful aesthetic surgery practices in the country. We will create a customized plan for marketing, brand management, and staff rewards. MDIM begins by looking at what you have already accomplished and what you want to achieve moving forward. We can then create a strategic plan, maximizing revenue throughout the upcoming year.

How MDIM will help you:

MDIM understands that a good, experienced practice consultant can be expensive. Is the expense really worth it? The answer is yes. Here’s why:

  • MDIM knows what it is that successful practices do to rise above their competitors
  • MDIM can shed light on any practice gaps you are unable to objectively pinpoint
  • MDIM can build a plan for your practice that has already been proven to work in similar markets
  • MDIM provides real and measurable solutions for success
  • MDIM saves you countless hours of wasted time, avoiding costly mistakes
  • MDIM will take your practice through the strategic planning process, step-by-step

We set the stage: MDIM will sit down with you, getting to know your vision and goals. We will review your current marketing budget, coming to understand what is working for you and what is not. Using these raw materials, we will create a set of image-building strategies to position your office as the best choice for prospective patients.

We challenge the infrastructure: MDIM will provide an on-site practice assessment, learning how the phones are handled, customer encounters are processed, and what type of software is being used to track and report patient conversions. We can then recommend and implement a set of customized protocols to achieve the highest number of patient conversions and 5-star ratings possible.

We enlist the right people: MDIM ensures you have the best people on board to take your practice to the next level. Your staff must have the ability to convert callers and consultations into paid procedures. We work with you to build a talented team of professionals, creating incentives and motivation using a manage-by-metrics system.

We streamline the processes: MDIM shows your team how to handle leads and how to follow up after each consultation. By creating a defined protocol that includes taking before and after photographs and consistently obtaining patient reviews and referrals, we ensure your patients share their enthusiasm to bring in additional revenues.

We provide top-notch marketing strategies: Your online presence is what brings in new patients. MDIM will create a year-round internal and external marketing plan, as well as a social media plan. Use these tools to routinely check on the success and momentum of your practice, making sure everyone stays on financial track, while keeping with your practice vision.

Want to take your cosmetic surgery practice to the next level? Let MD Internet Marketing help you create a strategic marketing plan that will maximize growth and profits. To begin making the most out of your brand, call us at (954) 993-5154 or fill out our Contact Us form.


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