5 Simple Ways to Increase Body Contouring Appointments

Body contouring techniques are among today’s hottest aesthetic procedures, both surgical and noninvasive. Staying on top of the newest and most effective body contouring procedures is a must for many cosmetic surgery practices. However, this also means a lot of competition from your plastic surgery peers, general practitioners, local gyms, and even surrounding weight loss clinics. This creates a lot of noise for consumers and can cost you potential patients. To see a consistent increase in body contouring appointments, your plastic surgery practice must stand out from the pack, showing patients you are the best and most experienced in the area.

A focused team effort and written marketing plan will be needed to ensure your practice will shine above the competition. Below are the five most valuable ways to increase body contouring appointments and maximize your revenue.

1. Educate Your Front Office – Your front office staff is the first and most important contact with someone considering a cosmetic procedure. After a thorough Google search, the individual on the other end of a phone will have moved two or three practices into what’s called the “consideration set”, and you must strike when it’s hot. Front office staff must be knowledgeable on all the body contouring techniques your practice offers so that they can share extensive information and answer any questions potential patients might have about these techniques. Staff should also be ready to brag about how qualified your practice is, the results that can be achieved and the reviews the practice has already acquired.

2. Host an Event – An event is always a good way to bring in curious potential customers. Offer a body contouring event with live demonstrations, staff on hand to answer questions, and a discount for those who set up their first appointment. Snacks and beverages can help round out a beautiful evening. Invest in a good marketing campaign by sending emails to current patients, market the event in the office, spread the word on social media, and advertise locally. Encourage existing patients to bring a friend. Show patients your office is the best around.

3. Post on Social Media – A good marketing plan will include social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use this free advertising tool to bring in body contouring patients. Remember, each post must look appealing and eye-catching while at the same time presenting information in a clear and well-thought-out manner. Show off photographs and before/after pictures, with links to your practice and your body contouring page. Keep the body contouring posts coming; this will ensure your practice is the first that comes to mind of any potential patients.

4. Good Ole Word of Mouth – Nothing brings in eager new patients better than word of mouth. Happy patients will tell their girlfriends and family members how impressed they are with your office, staff, and of course, their body contouring results. Offer a discount or referral bonus for each person they send to your practice. Encourage satisfied patients to post an online review. Be sure to carefully handle any negative word of mouth by personally addressing each unhappy client.

5. Photo Gallery – With a good internet marketing plan in action, your practice should begin to move up the Google rankings. Potential patients will not only look for valuable information on your website and great reviews, they will also want to see an extensive body contouring photo gallery. There is no substitute for posting as many before/after photographs as you can. More pictures, taken by a trained staff member, will represent to the patient just how experienced your surgeon is and how many satisfied clients you have. Include a description for each photo so patients can find those with similar needs.

MD Internet Marketing is here to help you get more body contouring patients.

MD Internet Marketing can help your cosmetic practice see more body contouring patients. We have extensive experience in co-op advertising with many industry leaders. With a strategic online marketing plan, your practice can reach its full potential, going from good to great. Email or call MDIM at (954) 993-5154 with your questions or to set up a consultation appointments.


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