Money is Calling – Invest in Your First Impression

Did you know that turn over at the front office will most likely lead to a decrease in phone leads? The way each phone call is handled can have a major impact on the practices’ revenue and the overall success of the practice. It’s important to put in the time and necessary effort to continuously look for opportunities to improve your practice’s phone etiquette. In today’s digital age, the person you have answering your phone plays a paramount role in moving that client down the sales funnel from online inquiry to attending a consultation.

With the evolution of digital communication, many cosmetic surgery practices have all but forgotten about one of the most important jobs in the office: answering the phone. Aside from providers, this aspect of your team can make or break your cosmetic surgery practice’s success. Take time to carefully consider who you hire to answer the main phone line. Once you do find that A player, here are a few quick tips for retaining them: provide better compensation packages and offer ongoing training, as we should never stop looking for opportunities to improve. If you take anything from reading our blog, understand that this position should be a top priority.

Listening to Phone Calls

Every practice should listen to a small portion (1%-5%) of all phone calls for quality assurance. Each month listen to several incoming phone calls and consistently evaluate the quality of each conversation. Often there are huge opportunities to improve the customer experience and increase the number of conversations. There are many software products available including Call Tracking Metrics, Marchex and CallRail.

A recent survey from BrightLocal, a popular SEO and online marketing platform, found that once a customer finds your local practice on Google or Social Media they prefer to contact you:

60% — Call business on the phone

16% — Send the business an email

15% — Visit the actual location

4% — Message via contact form on site

3% — Contact on social media

Recent consumer surveys also show surprising statistics that up to 60% of consumers prefer to call a business on the phone, while only 16% said they will reach out by email.

There is Only One First Impression

Every time the phone rings, money is calling. Each ring of the phone is another opportunity to win another client. For the person at the other end, however it is their one attempt to reach out. Remember, in today’s market consumers understand they have many options for services including plastic surgery. They have decided to call your office after a careful Google search, looking over your website, reviewing the procedures you perform and your positive online reviews, along with your social media presence.

That first phone call is the critical moment in convincing a potential patient that they have found the right place. Phone calls leads are of the highest quality as the potential patient is in his or her highest state of intent. Try not to ever keep the person on hold for more than one minute. As the clock ticks away, their level of intent will drop dramatically. Also handle callbacks to online requests with the same kid gloves. To grab the lead while the getting is good, return calls must be almost immediate, at least within the hour.

Must-Haves for the First Phone Call:

· A Positive Tone – Speak to the caller as you would a friend, kindly answering their questions with as much information as possible. A helpful and confident tone will tell them how grateful you are for their call and demonstrate how welcoming your office is and will be when they come in. An intimidating or disinterested tone will push potential patients on to the next practice on their list.

· Extensive Knowledge – Whoever answers the phone should be able to provide detailed information about your practice, including your surgeons’ qualifications, the procedures offered, and payment options. Knowing basic directions to the office is a must, as with restaurants and accommodations nearby. The team member should always inform potential patients on how amazing the practice or doctors are in the form of a credibility statement like the below:

“Dr. Jones has over 25 years of experience, 100’s of reviews, and is one of the top plastic surgeons in Arizona.”

· Good Manners and Proper Phone Etiquette – While this seems intuitive, it is still very important to review basic phone etiquette with your staff. They should be an active listener, always thank the client for calling, and never hang up first as the caller may not be done with their questions. The staff member must also have the ability to stay calm and collective no matter how rude the caller may be.

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