Podcast Interview with Logan Pence of MD Internet Marketing

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on what worked well for your aesthetic practice this year, as well as, what did not work and needs to change as we head into 2022.

The aesthetic industry has seen strong demand over the past 18 months and we believe that trend will continue. The top practices in the US are working on finalizing their plans for the future and looking for ways to maximize efficiencies in their practices’ by looking at opportunities to improve conversation rates on the patient experience funnel. Our President and Plastic Surgery Marketing Expert, Logan Pence recently went into depth about Marketing, Growth, Lead Generation, Conversion, and Innovation Challenges in Healthcare in a recent 15-minute podcast. Click Here to Listen

Logan Pence joins Pathmonk Presents Podcast host Lukas Haensch to dive into the unique and niche industry of aesthetic medicine. During the podcast, Logan provides insights into how we at MD Internet Marketing partner with aesthetic plastic surgeons in the form of a virtual or fractional Marketing Director to provide accountability both internally and externally with the goal of practice growth through measurable results. We help aesthetic plastic surgeons develop a solid online presence and marketing plan, through a proven and individualized marketing strategy, so our plastic surgeons can continue to be successful in the competitive environment of aesthetics.

What’s Pathmonk Presents Podcast? Pathmonk Presents is a fast and effective show to sharpen your growth marketing skills. The 15 min episodes offer data-backed success and failure stories featuring top business leaders.

Digitizing marketing is crucial for our clients in order for them to reach wider audiences and build a reputation of trust. Although leveraging the digital world may seem obvious it is still new to these healthcare professionals and we want to support them in their journey. As a former Practice Administrator, Logan knows the challenges of running a large medical practice, which is why MD Internet Marketing provides specialized digital marketing services to board-certified plastic surgeons to help them maximize their time and marketing dollars.

With the natural expectation of customer service and results, reviews are crucial to this industry. Logan quickly got to discussing the value of reputation marketing and 5-star reviews with Pathmonk Present’s host Lukas.

“Practices have a huge opportunity to get more reviews,” said Logan.

We take a full funnel approach and focus on your online presence, improving conversions, increasing lead quality, reputation management, booking more procedures, and increasing patient referrals. As practice growth advisors, we are able to leverage our experiences and industry connections to improve your digital marketing strategies and remove conversion and innovation challenges.

We are marketing experts in the cosmetic surgery world and Pathmonk loves to understand buyers’ journeys and the roles of websites, Logan discusses the importance of supporting a buyer through the journey in this industry. He reminded us of the value of communication when working with our potential clients. As we partner with our client’s teams, we push for constant and open communication throughout each practice and what to help the practice make sure every touch point with the prospect is a positive experience.

The pandemic didn’t leave anyone untouched as the cosmetic industry was pushed towards the digital age for the better. The realization was that in order for these practices to continue generating clients they needed to change and adapt to the ever-expanding digital world. From websites to social media to reviews to digital paperwork, Logan is determined to encourage innovation. Those that adapt to change and embrace our advice and experience are reaping the rewards, as we had an established multiple million practice grow by over 50% in 2021.

Educating potential clients is one of the best marketing tactics that can push you past your competition and differentiate yourself from the millions of content creators on social media. We recommend cranking up the propaganda machine in 2022, and creating messages that pushes the strengths of our board-certified plastic surgeons.

“Education on social media. These are plastic surgeons and doctors that we partner with, so whatever they say has a lot of clout and they have a lot of opportunities to put themselves out there on camera and just explain whatever it is they want to do more of.”

Logan Pence and MD Internet Marketing have a proven track record of providing an extra level of high-level support that can help your practice flourish in 2022. It is time to raise the bar, stay ahead of the game and take on your most ambitious desires that scare the hell out of you TODAY.

“We’re pushing the vendors to actually do the things that they should be doing because the squeaky wheel definitely gets the oil.”

This is also time to think about change in your practice. Digitizing more aspects of your practice like online scheduling tools, adding Live Chat or even adding a new social medium like TikTok can boost your marketing next year.

“A lot of doctors have realized that you have to change. You can’t just do things the way you’ve been doing it over and over again because there are younger doctors who are coming out to get your market share.”

Listen in to discover more about how to take your practice to the level you desire, even if its an 8 figure single plastic surgery practice. We have the people and business relationships with a touch of magic from Logan’s proven strategies and ideas for successful digital marketing. If you’d like to see how we can take your online presence to the next level — we encourage you to contact us today to speak with Logan Pence.


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