It’s December and That Means it is Time for Your Annual Check-Up

As the year comes to an end, now is a great time to review what has been successful for your practice and what did not work so well. That way, before going into 2020, you know where to direct your focus and your resources. Remember, things can change swiftly in the aesthetics industry. To stay at the top of our game, we must always stay abreast of new products, improved protocols, and shifts in digital marketing. If you keep putting off a thorough end-of-year review, both time and money are certain to pass you by in 2020.

Annual Checkup Example

Branding – How you want your practice to be perceived by the public can change dramatically over the years. You may have started like many cosmetic surgeons, focusing primarily on surgery. However, over the years, noninvasive treatments have become the hottest and most lucrative procedures. Offices that once treated upper middle-class clients from their late 40s and older may now focus on preventative skincare for 20-40-year-old patients. Make sure your brand tells potential clients what you focus on and specialize in. Otherwise, patients will just scroll right past you.

Your Website – Your web presence is undeniably one of your most valuable sales tools. Make sure it clearly promotes your brand and is up to date. Does it list all the services you provide? What about Breast Implant Replacement or Breast Implant Revision? A listing of your current staff? Before and after photographs from the previous year, not from five years ago? Your website should grow and mature with your practice. Every few years, you should update the design to ensure your practice looks as youthful and sharp as the new surgeon that just opened across town.

Service Menu– Don’t forget to update your service menu on your website and on any literature your office sends out. If you now offer CoolSculpting – or CoolTone – let people know. Take outdated treatments off your website, as well. You can also list your service menu on websites like Google My Business, Yelp and Facebook.

Press Releases – If you are to be seen as a true leader in the field, your name must be repeatedly seen in the media. Are you sending out bi-monthly press releases? Are your press releases hitting new news outlets? Create press releases about review counts, your experience, new technology and anything new within your practice. Always make sure you are top of mind and in the spotlight by sharing your story.

Referral Network – Cross promotions with other surgeons, high-end boutiques, health centers, and salons can be powerful allies in advertising. Reach out to those you haven’t heard from in a while. Contact new places in town, introduce yourself, and maybe offer lunch to discuss opportunities. The end of the year is also a great time to speak with potential referral sources in town. Reaching out even just once a year can be invaluable and keep your name on their mind.

Commit to a Daily (at Least Weekly) Review of:

Your Front Entrance– Go from your parking space to inside of your building. How is the landscaping – is there any landscaping? Are the building’s windows clean and shiny? Curb appeal is important for a fine dining restaurant, that makes it equally important for a renowned cosmetic practice, as well. Look the part.

Your Reception Area –Wear and tear, as well as outdated carpet and paint, can creep up on you. Come in with a fresh pair of eyes and catch these aging items before your patients do. Has your furniture stayed polished? Is the cleaning company vacuuming everywhere, every night? Is your water machine looking fresh and clean, or slimy and yellow? Magazines should be up-to-date while displays should be current and full.

Your Treatment Rooms –While you may not, your patients look at your office as an extension of you and your skill level. The bed and chairs should have no holes or noticeable wear, posters or diagrams should look fresh and current.

Your Social Media Accounts –Ask yourself, is my practice posting on at least one social media site once a day? This may be a quote, an upcoming special, or a tweet about a current news piece. Posting is a quick and easy way to stay in front of your current and prospective patients. Put someone in charge who understands what good posts look like, and that will keep them up-to-date.

Your annual review does not have to be painful for you or your staff, however, it must be done. If taking a good, hard look at your cosmetic or aesthetic practice hurts, this may mean something is not going well. Having an online marketing firm does more than ensure your online content is up to par – they can also walk you through things like an annual checkup, making sure your practice is running at full speed. MD Internet Marketing works for you, taking your aesthetic practice from good to great. Reach out to MD Internet Marketing at (954) 993-5154 to be sure 2020 gets started on the right foot!


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