10 Content Ideas for Your Social Media Strategy

What is the relationship between content marketing and social media? Social media marketing is not just about having an Instagram profile. It is about educating, entertaining, and engaging with your individual audience. You can answer questions about popular procedures, share a patient’s journey or provide behind the scenes on your life and practice. Social media is crucial to your marketing strategy because your future prospects are most likely spending a lot of time on these platforms. There are many platforms out there, but we recommend focusing on Instagram, Facebook, and Google My Business.

Social media is a tool that you need to start taking full advantage of or your competition will. It is a way to create rapport and credibility for your personal brand and practice.

Here are 10 of our top content ideas to help you with your social media strategy:

1. Photo Gallery

Data shows that cosmetic surgeons should be consistently sharing their patient transformations. What procedures do you want to perform more of? Determine your ideal client and post before and after photos to showcase your results. Sharing your portfolio of work can be done more efficiently when you choose a template that you can quickly reuse that may include your logo, color scheme, and procedure name.

2. Team

Take action shots of the physician or of the providers doing what they do best, treating and interacting with clients. Your staff is one of your most important assets, so giving potential clients a chance to experience what your team culture is like and how important your staff is to the practice is a sound marketing practice. Share your team’s birthdays, their work anniversaries, and big moments in their lives like weddings!

3. Video

Have you heard of Instagram Reels or TikTok? These are some of the latest trends in social media that focus mainly on short-form videos. Creating these short videos are great attention grabbers, and can help you reach a larger audience. YouTube is more for your long-form videos, where you can go more in-depth about a specific topic. However, we still we recommend keeping YouTube videos to no more than three minutes.

4. Patient Testimonials

The practice should be prioritizing patient relationships and patient experiences. By communicating and delivering on expectations, the practice has the ability to create 100’s of reviews. Once your practice receives a new review, sharing on a different platform is a huge credibility builder and can actually encourage others to share their positive experiences. Whether it’s an image you created with a Google review or a video of a patient sharing their experience, you can build trust through their words.

5. Office

When patients start their cosmetic journey, they can be very anxious about going into the office. Posting photos of office tours on social media can ease their minds because they know what to expect. Our clients have done photoshoots of their offices to showcase their operating rooms, clinic rooms, and reception areas. Also, sharing your location is beneficial for prospective patients who might not even know where you are located.

6. Personal Content

People want to see that there is a real person behind the practices’ brand. Sharing photos of something that is not necessarily business-related can help your audience connect on a more personal and emotional level. Whether it’s a photo of you on the weekend, a great dinner to, or a picture of your cute dog, your practice can expect to see higher engagement. went too and pets, especially dogs, see very high engagement.

7. Holidays/Events

As we approach the holiday season, now is a great time to start decorating your practice. Simple adjustments to the décor can make a big impact on your office environment. Is your office celebrating a milestone or maybe its Botox’s birthday? Any reason to celebrate is a reason to create a social media post.

8. Products

The benefits of each individual retail product can be discussed in great detail on social media. Explain to potential clients how to use the product and what other products to use in combination with that product, along with pricing. Take photos and videos and get one of your team members to share their favorite skincare products. Do you have an online store where patients can buy their favorite medical-grade skincare products? Make sure to remind your clients about it and add links to your posts to send them directly to the online store.

9. Behind The Scenes

This one is an audience favorite. Seeing all that goes behind the scenes gives your future patient a sneak peek into what they could experience. Create videos of a service or procedure from start to finish and walk your followers through a practice actual journey in your practice.

10. Contests/Promotion

Get your audience engaged by creating a contest on social media they can participate in. You can drive traffic to your website by having them go to your website to enter the contest. You could also do a giveaway. Treat a potential customer with a complimentary service or a skincare product

By following these ideas you can help your audience learn who you are, what you do, and why they should choose you to help them on their aesthetic journey. Social media can be one of the best marketing tools to push your practice to the next level but like anything else, you have to put in effort and resources if you want to see real results.

Need more tips? Read this blog on how you can use Instagram to grow your practice.

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