Search Engine Marketing For Plastic Surgeons

Using the Best Practices in Search Marketing to Drive Real Results

With more and more plastic surgery patients using the Internet every day, the ability to capture online business is vital for any successful aesthetic practice. As up to 84% of the population reports searching for online medical information before scheduling their first appointment, search engines pave a critical pathway for new clients. A prospective patient is more likely to respond to a medical practice that is found easily online and that offers clear, readable content with a variety of interactive media. Appropriate and effective search engine marketing (SEM) is necessary to ensure that your aesthetic practice will rise to the top of an online search. rsw 400cg true

Increasing Your Online Visibility with SEM

Successful SEM encompasses all of the methods that can be used to engage and entice patients online, including search engine optimization (SEO) AdWords and more. Today’s ever-changing Internet landscape requires more than a page of one-and-done content and several hot-button keywords. To make it to the top of the search ranking for highly competitive keywords, your practice must employ SEM tools such as a fast-loading website, with a variety of media sources that includes before/after photographs and videos, as well as links to and from quality sources. Keep in mind, search engines like Google are constantly evaluating your website’s credibility based on various algorithms, including keyword rankings and on-page engagement. For this reason, enhancing the website user’s experience can greatly influence search engine rankings and increase your online visibility by:

  • Establishing Your Medical Authority – Providing quality medical care is only a portion of enticing new clientele. The majority of prospective patients will visit a potential practice’s website, judging the surgeon’s skill and expertise based on the online experience. Quality blogs, patient testimonials, before and after photographs, videos, and participation in online forums promotes your medical authority. Plastic Surgery practices with sparse, poorly written content or broken links are often viewed as untrustworthy, thereby falling lower in Google’s rankings.
  • Developing Your Identity – A solid digital marketing strategy and SEM campaign will establish your brand’s identity. This creates a level of trust with prospective patients well before they walk in your doors, as they will already know that your practice and services are the best fit for their aesthetic needs.
  • Enhancing the Patient Experience – A responsive, mobile friendly website with enticing media encourages the public to spend more time on your website, thus improving search engine rankings. A successful website, utilizing all of the latest technology, will effectively communicate your brand and services in a visually appealing way.
  • Attracting New Patients – The bottom line is an effective digital marketing plan will improve search engine ranks, getting your name in front of more people. This active online presence will keep your practice at the forefront of your specialty, bringing more patients into your office.

Data Driven Results from MD Internet Marketing

MD Internet Marketing’s strength comes from over a decade of professional expertise, developing highly successful SEO strategies that provide measurable, data-driven results. Using an arsenal of SEO best practices, we will help your practice achieve high social engine rankings and improve website visibility. Part of our SEM strategy will be to continuously review your practice’s online content, making calculated adjustments as needed. This continued review ensures the speed, use of popular keywords, and functioning links are working at a level of peak performance. This will increase your search engine rankings, getting the deserved attention of prospective clients, making your cosmetic surgery practice more competitive and profitable.

MDIM provides the marketing support you need to grow your business. We offer unique strategic planning, social media management, reputation management, budget allocation, and on-site practice consultation. Contact MD Internet Marketing at (954) 993-5154.


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