6 Ways to Help Your Marketing Agency Get Your Practice Better Results

Every plastic surgery practice that wants to compete at a high level needs to work with a top marketing agency to maximize their potential. Marketing agencies can boost your ROI and improve your business campaigns to yield better results. As these agencies look to implement new marketing strategies to grow your business, a few actions from your end can help maximize their efforts and get your practice the best results possible.

The following points cover 6 of such steps your business can take to aid your marketing agency to fulfill your campaign goals and profitable aims:

#1 – Create Yearly Goals and Communicate Those Goals to Your Agency

A Marketing goal is a strong base for any endeavor and will help you and your reach out to your target audiences.

Communicating these goals to your marketing agency can help fast-track the campaign process. Create realistically-accomplishable goals with achievable outcomes that yield desired results with available resources.

For this, you can create yearly SMART goals for your marketing programs. They are:

  • Specific- The instructions are clear, and the goals are achievable
  • Measurable- The results are quantifiable and possible
  • Attainable- They are easy to achieve with available resources
  • Relevant- They sync with the overall market and client demands
  • Timebound- They are achievable within your given timeframe

#2 – Choose the Marketing Decision-Maker and Stakeholders

When stakeholders invest in your company, make sure they understand their role as your business’ decision-maker. An active decision-maker should have a clear-cut understanding of your practice’s benefits, unique selling proposition that you want to communicate to your customers.

Their genuine interest in your products’ benefits is a good signal towards a possible role of a decision-maker. In your aesthetic practice this is often the physician owner, officer manager or marketing director.

Make sure this person is open-minded and is in sync with their industry and current marketing standards.

#3 – Schedule an Ongoing Meeting with your Agency

Like achievable yearly goals, try to schedule monthly or quarterly meetings with your marketing agency. Following an efficient wireframe can help all stick to the business’ marketing agendas.

Ask your marketing agency for a list of agendas before every meeting. Doing so can familiarize you with their current plans, campaign blueprints, and resource requirements. It could be a list of your current content projects, new procedures being offered, financial results, etc.  Additionally, preparing questions to clear off your queries can smoothen out the process of establishing your goals quicker. It’s important to be inquisitive and ask questions about what your marketing agency is doing and how they plan to implement new strategies in the future.

Does your marketing agency create monthly reports? Take the time to review the reports your agency creates and discuss the results with them.

#4 – Be Open to Sharing your Business Results

Sharing past business results, be it profitable or losses can help your marketing agency scrape out the potential flaws in your current campaign.

Being frank and open about your business results is a healthy approach towards encouraging efficient teamwork between the business and the marketing team.

#5 – Provide Marketing Assets

Correct business assets can help your agency successfully leverage your business goals. These are optimized assets built to improve marketing strategies.

They can be case studies that contain your customer analysis, previous campaign ideas, marketing strategies, and final results. A comprehensive case study can help your agency gain some prospects about challenges from your past campaigns.

If you have previous client testimonials, share them with your marketing agency. As a marketing asset, testimonials provide a deep dive into your past campaigns’ strong points for the agency to repurpose for future ideas.

They help trace your past approaches, their challenges, and solutions are crucial assets to your marketing agencies.

#6 – Provide Feedback to your Agency Partners

Offering constructive feedback is a sure-shot way of expressing your genuine feedback. Being honest about your feedback can create an understanding work relationship that improves your present and future campaigns.

Your feedback can be about the objectives that were met and those which were impossible. They can be questions about the methods and if those best meet your standards. All in all, honest feedback can improve your communication.

Is your Practice Getting the Most Out of your Marketing Agency?

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