10 Proven Steps to Get More Google Reviews

In today’s digital landscape, online reviews hold immense influence, and Google stands tall as the gatekeeper of consumer opinion. With a staggering 86% of the search engine market share and hosting an impressive 73% of all online business reviews, Google reviews aren’t just a luxury—they’re a necessity for plastic surgery practices looking to thrive in the digital age.

More Google reviews can indeed translate to numerous benefits for your plastic surgery practice, including enhanced search rankings, amplified website traffic, a broader patient base, and ultimately, increased revenue. In this article, we’ll explore the essential strategies needed to boost your Google review count, ensuring your practice stands out in the digital landscape and attracts more potential patients.

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1. Claim Your Google Business Profile

Before embarking on your quest for more Google reviews, ensure you’ve claimed your Google Business Profile. This grants you the ability to manage and respond to reviews effectively, further enhancing your online reputation. This initial step is key to fostering trust among your patients and solidifying your online reputation as a plastic surgery practice that values patient feedback and engagement.

2. Generate a Google Review Link

Generating a direct Google review link streamlines the entire review process for your happy patients, making it easier for them to share their experiences. By removing unnecessary barriers and reducing the steps involved, you significantly increase the chances of customers leaving reviews promptly. This user-friendly approach not only encourages more feedback but also demonstrates your commitment to providing a seamless and convenient experience for your patients.

3. Utilize Link Shorteners

When utilizing link shorteners such as bitly.com, you enhance the accessibility and shareability of your review links. These platforms allow you to condense lengthy URLs into concise and manageable links, ensuring they fit seamlessly into social media posts, emails, and other digital communications. Additionally, shortened links are more visually appealing and easier for patients to remember, increasing the likelihood of them being shared with others. Furthermore, these tools often provide analytics and tracking capabilities, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness of your review solicitation efforts in real-time. 

4. Create QR Codes for Reviews

Creating QR codes for reviews can help your patients share their feedback seamlessly. These QR codes can be strategically placed on your marketing materials, including business cards, postcards, and brochures, making it convenient for patients to access and leave reviews. With a simple scan, patients can navigate directly to your Google review page, eliminating any barriers to providing feedback. By integrating QR codes into your marketing collateral, you can help streamline the review process and encourage patient engagement with your practice. QR codes can offer a modern and tech-savvy approach to soliciting feedback, demonstrating your commitment to innovation and patient satisfaction. Overall, leveraging QR codes for reviews enhances patient experience and strengthens your online reputation.

5. Adhere to Google’s Review Policies

As a plastic surgeon and business owner adhering to Google’s review solicitation policies is paramount to preserving the authenticity and credibility of your online reputation. By following these guidelines diligently, you not only uphold the integrity of your reviews but also protect your business profile from potential penalties or removals. Take the time to familiarize yourself with Google’s policies regarding review solicitation, ensuring that your strategies align with their guidelines. Implementing ethical and transparent review solicitation practices reflects positively on your practice’s professionalism and commitment to patient satisfaction. Remember, cultivating genuine patient feedback is essential for building trust within the local community and attracting new patients seeking a reputable and reliable plastic surgery clinic.

6. Harness Review Request Templates

Harnessing review request templates is a savvy strategy for aesthetic practices seeking to streamline their review solicitation process. With resources like Google’s Marketing Kit and Canva’s templates at your disposal, you can effortlessly create professional and persuasive review request materials tailored to your patients. These platforms offer customizable templates that enable you to showcase your plastic surgery practice’s unique brand identity and values while effectively communicating the importance of patient feedback. By leveraging these free resources, you can save time and effort in crafting compelling review requests, allowing you to focus more on providing exceptional patient care. Additionally, utilizing pre-designed templates ensures consistency in your messaging across different platforms, reinforcing your practice’s commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction.

An example would be:

It was our sincere pleasure to provide our service for you recently.

We take feedback from our clients very seriously as it allows us to continuously improve upon the patient experience.

As a local business, we rely enormously on positive word of mouth and would be grateful if you could share your experience by submitting a Google review using this link. [Insert link]

You can also include:

Not sure about what to write?

Below are a few suggestions that may help you with your creative flow.

  • What service/product did we provide to you and what did you like best about it?
  • Which one of our providers did you see?
  • Who in our team looked after you? (feel free to mention their name, they will be very flattered)
  • Which service do you think makes us different from our competitors?
  • What would you tell your friends or colleagues about us?
  • Is there any way we can improve some of our services/product? if so which ones and how?

We appreciate your time and look forward to seeing you at your next visit.

Thanks again for choosing [Name of your business]

7. Establish a Google Review Page on Your Website

Establishing a dedicated Google review page on your plastic surgery practice’s website is a strategic move to enhance patient engagement and amplify your online presence. This demonstrates your commitment to transparency and accountability in patient care. Additionally, a Google review page integrated into your website serves as a valuable asset for attracting new patients who rely on peer recommendations when choosing a plastic surgeon. Ensure that your review page is easily accessible and prominently displayed on your website’s navigation menu or homepage to maximize visibility and encourage participation. Furthermore, consider incorporating testimonials and before-and-after photos alongside reviews to provide prospective patients with comprehensive insights into your expertise and patient satisfaction.

8. Showcase Existing Google Reviews

Showcasing existing Google reviews is a powerful strategy for plastic surgeons looking to build credibility and trust among prospective patients. By featuring glowing testimonials from satisfied patients across various platforms, including your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials, you reinforce the positive reputation of your practice. These testimonials serve as compelling endorsements of your expertise and the quality of care you provide, inspiring confidence in potential patients. Additionally, by highlighting real-life success stories, you offer valuable insights into the patient experience and the transformative outcomes achievable through your plastic surgery procedures. Incorporating these testimonials into your marketing efforts humanizes your practice and fosters a sense of connection with your patients, ultimately driving patient engagement and loyalty. Furthermore, by showcasing positive reviews clearly on your website you demonstrate transparency and authenticity, distinguishing your practice as a trusted provider within the plastic surgery industry.

9. Promote Reviews on Social Media

Promoting reviews on social media is a dynamic strategy for plastic surgeons to amplify their online presence and attract more patients. By harnessing the reach and influence of social platforms, you can showcase positive Google reviews to a broader audience, increasing visibility and driving traffic to your Google Business Profile. Sharing compelling patient testimonials and experiences on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok not only enhances engagement but also cultivates trust and credibility among followers. Encourage interaction by inviting patients to share their own stories and feedback, fostering a sense of community and connection. Additionally, integrating review snippets and star ratings into your social media content adds authenticity and reinforces your practice’s reputation for excellence in patient care.

10. Embed Review Widgets in Your Footer

Embedding review widgets in your website’s footer is a strategic tactic for plastic surgeons to maximize visibility and encourage patient engagement. By integrating Google review widgets seamlessly into your website’s design, you ensure that prospective patients have easy access to valuable feedback and testimonials. This not only enhances credibility but also instills confidence in visitors as they navigate your site. By placing review widgets in the footer ensures consistent visibility across all pages, optimizing the chances of attracting potential reviewers. By showcasing positive reviews prominently on your website, you demonstrate transparency and authenticity, reinforcing your practice’s commitment to patient satisfaction. Utilizing review widgets in your website’s footer not only enhances user experience but also strengthens your online reputation, ultimately driving more patients to choose your practice for their plastic surgery needs.

Google reviews play a pivotal role in shaping the reputation of a plastic surgery practice. By cultivating a robust ecosystem of patient feedback, plastic surgeons can elevate their practice’s visibility and credibility online. Embracing these strategies is essential for attracting more patients and unlocking new opportunities for growth and success. Prioritize the cultivation of Google reviews to strengthen your practice’s online presence, attract more patients, and propel your plastic surgery practice to new heights in the digital domain. Take action today and witness the transformative impact on your practice’s reputation and growth trajectory. It’s crucial for plastic surgeons to adopt these strategies to not only enhance their online credibility but also to establish a strong foothold in the competitive digital space. Please contact us with any questions about Google Review!


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