Why Social Proof is The Key to Marketing

Social proof is the secret sauce to marketing your aesthetic practice. From ratings and reviews to user-generated content (UGC) and before and after photos, we’re breaking down how the best aesthetic marketing is done through social proof.

What is Social Proof in aesthetic marketing?

Introduced by psychologist Robert Cialdini in 1984, social proof is a psychological concept suggesting that an individual’s decision-making is shaped by the choices and actions of others. The idea is to use the influence of others to persuade clients to consider choosing your practice for their aesthetic procedure. In aesthetic marketing, you can showcase that other people love and enjoy your results by leveraging positive reviews, sharing your before and after photos, partnering with influencers, and highlighting credentials.

Why Is Social Proof Important in Marketing?

The implementation of social proof throughout the marketing strategy allows you and your team to showcase real-world experiences and tangible results, providing potential clients with authentic evidence of the positive impact your product or service has on people’s lives. By showcasing real-world experiences and tangible results, you provide potential clients with authentic evidence of the positive impact your product or service has on people’s lives. This not only builds trust but also creates a sense of reliability and credibility. Customer testimonials, reviews, and in-op videos serve as dynamic forms of social proof, offering a human touch to your brand. They enable your audience to connect emotionally with the success stories of others, reinforcing the idea that your offerings are not just promises but proven solutions. Most importantly, social proof leverages the psychological phenomenon of social influence, where individuals are more likely to adopt certain behaviors or decisions if they see others doing the same.

5 Examples of Social Proof in Aesthetic Marketing

1. Ratings & Reviews
When nearly 90% of online patients read between one and six reviews before making a consultation appointment, the (social) proof is in the pudding. The best part? There are proven strategies available and tools your practice can use to acquire and share new online reviews. You must have a proactive strategy in order to stay ahead of the algorithms and any future negative reviews. Do not wait for the positive reviews or negative reviews to roll in. Once you have a system in place and start acquiring consistent 5-star patient experiences, don’t let them live in the shadows — leverage them as testimonials on your website and social media posts.

2. User-generated Content
This form of marketing is the social media equivalent to a word-of-mouth recommendation. User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful form of social proofing, especially in the aesthetics industry. UGC is authentic material crafted by a doctor’s followers or clients, subsequently shared by the brand across its platforms. UGC operates on a foundation of sincerity and authenticity, without any monetary transactions involved. It serves as a genuine and transparent recommendation system, contributing to the cultivation of social proof.

example of user generated content

3. Credentialing
Whether it’s promoting natural results or having a blue checkmark, seeking out credentialing opportunities that are relevant to the aesthetics industry is the ultimate stamp of approval. Some of these opportunities will require an investment, like the enhanced profile on https://find.plasticsurgery.org/ or the blue checkmark; while other opportunities will require training and implementation. The most successful aesthetics practices know that on their initial phone call, and certainly by the in-person visit, it is paramount that a patient coordinator explains the key factors in what is often referred to as a list of provider accolades or an “elevator pitch.” In your provider stump speech, be sure to highlight fellowship training, specialty certifications, reviews and board certifications. These credentials showcase expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch care.

An example of this would be – “Dr. Smith is among the top aesthetic surgeons in New York. Having trained in both craniofacial surgery and orthogonality he has experience to provide amazing results. With over 250 Google Reviews and 1000 Before and After photos many patients from Texas have had wonderful experiences with Dr. Smith.”

4. “Wisdom of Your Friends”
If a person’s friends (or the influencers they follow) all enjoy a certain treatment or skincare product, chances are high that they will too. Did you know 69% of consumers are more likely to trust a friend, family member, or influencer recommendation over a brand’s. We suggest providing services to your staff, as well as nano and micro influencers to increase awareness of certain treatments or services. For example, if your staff is showing off their peel process, clients will ask what they have done which then naturally opens up the conversation. For local micro influencers, their smaller following makes the treatments they recommend feel like they’re coming from a friend, even if it’s sponsored. Thanks to their authenticity, they tend to receive a steady stream of engagement.

5. Before and After Photos / Case Studies
The ultimate form of social proof for your aesthetics practice should be your results. Elevating your aesthetics practice to the pinnacle of social proof involves showcasing the tangible results you achieve. It’s fascinating to note that, on most plastic surgery websites, the photo gallery takes center stage as the primary destination. This isn’t just a collection of images; it’s a testament to the transformative power of your work, providing potential clients with a visual journey through the remarkable outcomes you’ve delivered. Each photograph is a narrative of confidence restored, beauty enhanced, and self-esteem uplifted. In essence, your results become the ultimate endorsement, speaking volumes about the quality and artistry that define your aesthetics practice.

Armed with these social proof strategies, you’re poised to elevate your marketing game and generate abundant sales. Need a little extra support adding social proof to your marketing strategy? Reach out to our team today to learn what we can do for your practice.


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