10 Ways to Maximize Your Recent Award

Congratulations on your recent award! It’s a fantastic achievement, and now that you’ve given yourself a well-deserved pat on the back, it’s time to share the excitement with the world. Leveraging your latest accolade can significantly boost your practice’s visibility and ignite enthusiasm about your award-winning aesthetic team.

awards examples 2  To help you make the most of this honor, MD Internet Marketing has put together ten powerful suggestions to maximize your award’s impact:

1. Grow your website’s award page

Your cosmetic practice needs to have a section, or better yet, a page, that lists all your achievements. This should make it easy for potential patients to scan the achievements of both your office and your physician(s). This list reassures clients that your practice is one of the area’s best. Keep this section updated to maximize your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content.

2. Display your award

There is no shame in showing off your accolades by hanging them in your hallway or close to the front desk; anywhere they can’t be missed. Existing patients will enjoy a chance to see them, and anyone coming in for their initial consultation will be reminded of your credentials. Displaying your achievements not only reinforces your expertise but also instills confidence in your services. By placing these awards in highly visible areas, you create an atmosphere of trust and professionalism. New patients will feel reassured by your proven track record, and returning patients will take pride in being treated by an acclaimed practice.

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3. Write a press release

A press release is a great way to leverage an award. You should write a press release for every major event in your office, be it a recent recognition or when bringing a new service on board. The press release will provide valuable media exposure and attaching your name with a specific award can give your office a quick branding boost.

4. Double-down on social media

Let the world know about your recent win with a social media post or two. Hit all of your accounts, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, with a photo of the award and few, well-written words about the honor. This shows that your office stands out from the rest. It can also persuade any on-the-fence clients to schedule an initial consultation.

5. Ramp up your email marketing

Email marketing can get extra mileage from your award. More than likely you already send clients a periodic newsletter or information about current specials, so why not email your patients about your most recent award? Be sure to wrap up the email by encouraging recipients to reach out to your office and add a link to your website.

6. Add a badge to your homepage

Just about every recognition will provide a badge with the honoree’s logo and award year. Keep these visible and updated somewhere on your main landing page. Your badges show a history of excellence and increase patient trust, sometimes marking the final step in patient conversion.

7. Share the love with your team

Take your staff to a nice restaurant after work or bring in lunch, telling them thank you for all their hard work and dedication. This small gesture can increase comradery and create a sense of teamwork, something that is vital for continued success.

8. Host an event

Spark attention by hosting a celebratory event for patients and their guests. This could be an after-hours party with champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and a raffle. Even easier, announce the award with a ‘thank you’ day for your patients with a special deal and small freebies for the first people through the door. Remember to share the invite and pictures of the celebration on social media.

9. Spread the good with a new blog post 

Blogs are a fantastic way to share your win with the world. Elaborate on the award, how many times you have won, and the reasons you were chosen. A blog conveys information that will amp up both credibility and trust. By detailing the significance of the award, the criteria for selection, and highlighting past wins, you provide a comprehensive narrative that engages readers. Additionally, sharing personal insights and the journey to achieving the award can make the content more relatable and inspiring. This approach not only showcases your accomplishments but also builds a deeper connection with your audience, enhancing your practice’s reputation and fostering loyalty.

10. Brag

Share the news! Let people know that you have won an award. Add your new ‘title’ on advertisements, correspondence, and displays. Your staff are your biggest brand advocates so make sure they are aware of the win so they can brag, too.

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Winning an award doesn’t mean much unless you share it with others. Celebrating and promoting your achievements is essential to harness their full potential. Whether it’s a small local recognition or a prestigious national accolade, MD Internet Marketing will ensure your award gets the attention it deserves. We specialize in maximizing your online presence by strategically promoting your accolades across various platforms.

From crafting compelling press releases and engaging social media posts to updating your website and sending out targeted email campaigns, our comprehensive approach will highlight your success to a broad audience. By doing so, we help enhance your practice’s visibility, build credibility, and attract new patients. Sharing your accomplishments not only boosts your reputation but also instills confidence and trust among your current and prospective clients. Let MD Internet Marketing turn your award into a powerful marketing tool that propels your practice forward.

MD Internet Marketing is not an SEO or design firm, we focus on developing a strategic marketing plan and managing your online brand. Learn more about how we can be beneficial for your aesthetic practice, call our Houston-based office at (954) 993-5154.


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