5 Ways To Improve Your Before and After Photo Gallery

For most, if not all practices the most viewed section of their website is the before and after photo gallery. Your patients’ results are an important tool in your marketing armamentarium that needs to be leveraged in order to drive real practice growth. As your practice grows and evolves, your photo gallery is a visual asset that should be taken advantage of by making sure to continuously optimize the photos in your gallery. Every practices’ life cycle goes through an evolution and your before and after gallery should evolve right along with the practice, adapting to changes and creating a better user experience.

Here are the top five ways to improve your before and after gallery:

1. Put Your Best Results First.

This might be obvious to a plastic surgeon, but your web developer might have no idea what is a good or bad result. Your photos may be the first time a potential patient looks at your work. Having dramatic results can help convince your future patient to move forward in choosing you as their plastic surgeon.

Pro Tip: move the best cases to the top of the gallery and make sure the photos are sized proportionately on the website.

2. Use Vendor Photos.

If you don’t have any before and after photos yet, you can use your vendor’s content. Obtaining your own photos is an obvious priority but we believe using their before and after photos is much better than having zero results to show potential clients. Many vendors have marketing portals that contain before and after photos for your practice to use.

Pro Tip: Make sure to give proper credit for the vendor photos and plan on removing and replacing them with your own before and after photos, as soon as possible.

3. Have Diversity In Your Photos.

Having a diverse set of before and after photos is crucial, especially in this day and age. Being inclusive to all sizes and skin types is vital in any business, as potential clients are looking for before and after photos that they can relate to. Try to show several angles for each procedure, as this will help improve the user experience. Having a variety of photos in your gallery should be a testament to your experience and skills.

It is important to have dramatic results, but setting realistic expectations is important for your future patients. Having real people and real outcomes inspires confidence and gives patients an attainable goal to reach for.

Pro Tip: Search your internal database and find the diversity you need to satisfy your market.

4. Spring Clean Your Gallery.

If you haven’t touched your gallery in a while, it might be time to revamp it a bit. Remove dated photos, like the ones with old lighting or patients who had “trendy” hairstyles or jewelry. Remember, quality over quantity should always be a practice standard. The images in your photo gallery are the result of an internal process. By creating a photo protocol that may include better lighting or changing up your background color can help set you up to have a beautiful gallery.

Pro Tip: Ask your spouse or patient coordinator to review the gallery and make a list of cases that should be removed.

5. Share Your Before and After Photos.

Once you have a stellar gallery, you need to share your content everywhere! As a plastic surgeon, your before and after photos are your #1 marketing tool. Place the best photos on the according procedure page, and link themto the gallery. Share your work on social media and add your results to the society’s websites like https://www.plasticsurgery.org/photo-gallery.

Pro Tip: Any new results should go onto your website 1st and then shared on social media, RealSelf, ASPS and/or other platforms. Over time, the photos on your website will be seen 100X more than the social media posts.

In today’s elective healthcare marketplace, taking charge of your before and after gallery is vital to the welfare and success of your practice. Your before and after gallery should be one of your best patient testimonials, so take some time to review your competitors’ galleries and look for opportunities to improve your website. Need another set of eyes to look over your gallery? MD Internet Marketing are the experts at helping you improve your visual content. For experienced assistance with digital marketing management and successful online marketing strategies, we encourage you to speak with our knowledgeable team today.


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