Five Ways to Keep Your Patients Coming Back

Most cosmetic surgery practices focus their marketing dollars on attracting new patients. These new client leads are the focus of the marketing spend and are usually under a lot of scrutiny to produce results. When you’re just starting your practice, you will only have new business, but as you progress in your career some of your marketing efforts should shift to retention. In order to retain customers as long-term patients, your office needs to continue to engage and delight each customer.

Retaining established patients is an essential aspect for a thriving aesthetic practice, as the cost to keep an existing client is much cheaper than creating a new one. By putting money and time into patient retention, you will see long-term benefits with reoccurring scheduled treatments and procedures. Keep in mind; it takes more than just a good experience to get a patient to return. Even the most satisfied of patients will not hesitate to go to another office if they think they will get a better deal someplace else, which is why it’s so important to continue to put your practice in front of the customer.

When you create ongoing content and personalized follow-up and communication, these clients will remember your practice and become invested in your brand. It is this sense of community that brings patients back and keeps your schedule full.

MD Internet Marketing’s Top Five Ways to Keep Patients Coming Back

1. Social Media

By now you are aware of how powerful social media can be. Use that to your advantage, stay in your patient’s mind by posting on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook on a consistent basis. When your practice shows up on their feed, not only should the images be enticing, they should remind clients of upcoming specials and new procedures that will bring them back in.. One idea is to offer a discount when patients check in at your office, follow you on social media, or schedule their next appointment.

2. Membership Programs

Of course membership programs entice patients with a discount on future procedures, but more importantly they offer the client admittance into an exclusive community. Make them feel like they are special by hosting a patient appreciation event, unique programming, or discounts solely for these VIP patients. Getting your patients hooked in your membership package means they will feel like part of the tribe and return for more treatments.

3. Email Marketing

When a client has a service at your office, you should establish a direct line of communication and personalized marketing. Your future emails should be segmented and directed at certain groups of patients, like those who haven’t been in for Botox in over 6 months. Keep your online newsletters or emails on a consistent schedule, such as once a week, once a month, or every quarter. To further create a sense of family, include personal information that happens in your office, such as facts about a new team member, photos of your doctor’s big trip, a nurse giving birth to a new baby, or about a special training your team members recently attended.

4. Referral Programs

Most satisfied patients are willing to give a referral, but only a small portion actually do. Do not be afraid to remind them as they check out to refer their friends or family. Make the referral worth the effort and make sure to thank the client for the referral. Create a system for thanking clients who send a referral to your practice by email or direct mail. They will be thrilled you noticed and will refer again.

5. Direct Contact

Reach out to clients that have just come in for a treatment. Call to ask how they feel or if they need anything else. People respond well to personalized care. Take the time to send a handwritten note or a personal phone call. Once their recovery period has passed, email or call to see how their overall experience was and be sure to offer to correct anything they were unhappy with.

Patient retention is an important part of any marketing plan. MD Internet Marketing will work with you to create a personalized marketing plan that will bring your existing patients back in the office, time and time again. Speak with an expert at MD Internet Marketing to learn more about patient retention and patient reactivation tools. To schedule a free consultation, please call (954) 993-5154 or fill out the Contact Us form.


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