How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Aesthetic Practice

No doubt your plastic surgery practice wants to stay on top of its social media game, however consistently generating quality content on multiple social platforms can be extremely challenging. Instead of continuing to throw away time and effort on less-than-spectacular posts, MD Internet Marketing has provided some real strategies to help you refocus your practice’s social media strategy using Instagram.

While Facebook and Twitter once reigned supreme in the social media world, and continue to be an important piece of the virtual marketing puzzle, Instagram can now be the strongest social platform for your practice. Due to the visual nature of the aesthetic industry and Instagram, this platform really is the best option at this time. Unlike Facebook, which requires users to display their personal names, wildly popular Instagram allows users to be more anonymous, leading to more engagement and the potential for visibility. Learning to consistently generate great content on Instagram can be difficult, but with the right plan in place increasing your social media presence should have a direct impact on your bottom line. Below are some important strategies to optimize your Instagram presence.

Quickly Respond to Current Events

It is essential that your Instagram feed is a destination for the latest news in aesthetics and cosmetic surgery. Gaining an audience and keeping them engaged means that your account is on top of current events, pop culture references, current language, and trending topics. For the plastic surgery practice, this can mean the newest FDA approval for a type of breast implant or new celebrity endorsement. Your social media manager should be on top of current events and ensure that your posts meet the interests of your target demographic.

Initiate and Continue Frequent Interactions

One of Instagram’s newest features is Instagram Stories. This technology gives you an even better way to reach out and converse with potential patients. Instead of depending solely on “wow” photographs to grab attention, Instagram Stories let you create polls, questions, and videos to connect with the public and fuel customer response. As an aesthetic surgery practice, this is the perfect chance to post with frequency, thus opening up a line of communication with patients. Show your authenticity by quickly responding to all comments in a personalized, receptive manner.

Bravely Show Yourself Off

Social media is a great place to share a recent blog, announce monthly specials or upcoming events. It is also a well-curated location to showcase what goes on in your office every day. Use your Instagram account to post short videos in the operating room or during a noninvasive treatment (with the patient’s consent). Show your team enjoying their workday, answering questions or talking with clients. This behind the scenes look can make patients feel more comfortable and connected to you and your staff. By frequently posting a wide variety of content, you will continue to grab the attention of both new and existing patients.

Determine the ‘Right’ Time to Post

It is vital that your Instagram posts are consistent, like once or twice a day. However, keep in mind that the exact time that you post is also important. You want to make sure your well-thought out posts hit the Instagram feed at the moment your clients are most likely checking their accounts. Popular times include early in the morning, during the lunch hour, right after work, and immediately before bedtime. This simple trick ensures that your content is not getting buried under a full day of puppies and food photographs. Not sure when to post? Instagram can help you learn when and how your customers are refreshing their feeds with specific insight information, easily accessed from your business account.

Create a Consistent Brand Look

Instagram is all about aesthetics. This is a highly visual platform that offers a large array of filters and tools for customizing photos. Don’t get carried away, however. To get the most engagement out of your target audience, it is important that all of your images have a consistent look. Use the same filters, color scheme, or style of photography in every post. This creates a cohesive brand image and makes recognizing your individual practice a snap. Use this theory with the wording of captions, as well. The use of humor, quotes, anecdotes, custom hashtags, and conversations should be similar throughout.

Remember to Invite Patients to Follow

While you are dedicating hours to the creation of eye-catching and engaging Instagram posts, you may actually forget to invite your patients to follow. Remind patients as they check out after a procedure, tell potential customers to log on for more information, add links at the bottom of your website and blogs, and point out your social media presence in emails or online newsletters. You can take this one step further by giving your patients an incentive to follow you on Instagram, such as a small discount or entry in an online give-a-way.

Grow Your Practice with MD Internet Marketing

With a clear game plan and a focus on the best social media platforms for your medical specialty, your plastic surgery practice can see a significant boost in brand awareness and patient conversions. MD Internet Marketing has over 10 years of experience in social media for plastic surgery practices. We are not an SEO company or web design firm; instead, MD Internet Marketing works with your current vendors and staff to optimize your medical marketing plan to grow your practice. Call MD Logan Pence at Internet Marketing at (954) 993-5154 to learn how we can help you grow your aesthetic practice.


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