Is it Time to Upgrade Your Marketing Program?

No matter how successful you may find your current marketing program, there is always room for improvement. Fortunately, in our digital era, there are many new innovative methods – as well as thousands of marketing companies – available to help you achieve your marketing goals. Whether you are opening a brand new cosmetic surgery practice, or run an established office, everyone needs an extra pair of eyes to stay on the lookout for ways to improve their marketing strategy. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, so remember to reevaluate your current marketing strategies every quarter, ensuring your practice continues to move in the right direction.

MD Internet Marketing has put together five questions that can help you to evaluate your current marketing strategy:

1. What is working and what is not? Begin this process by reflecting on the pros and cons of your office’s marketing plan. Use tracking phone numbers, landing page data, and unique contact forms to paint a full picture of what is working – and what is falling short. With a firm understanding of the strengths and weaknesses within your marketing plan, you can begin to look for ways to improve. Make sure you have access to this data, and track trends regularly, to follow-up on your practice’s progress.

2. Where are the opportunities to improve your current standing? After reviewing the current results of your practice’s marketing efforts, the time to make improvements will have arrived. A good place to start is with a detailed business strategy. Determine the benchmarks you would like to reach and brainstorm on how these goals can be achieved. For example: a practice weakness may be a lack of content generation. Set a goal to double blog content and social media posts by team members. For more consistent results, hiring a third party can effectively amp up the creation of original content.

3. How relevant are your current marketing tactics? Today’s relevant content revolves around social media, review acquisition, blogs, and video creation. It no longer matters if you are creating beautifully printed newsletters each month; snail mail will be passed over for fresh, online material. Patients are more likely to check digital mediums, like Google or social media, in which mobile accounts for more than 50% of all website traffic. If potential patients are not seeing your marketing efforts, they are not worth the effort. Keep in mind, current technology can provide convenient methods to show off your cutting-edge array of services and innovative techniques, plus it is more convenient for both you and your patients.

4. Who is in control of your online reputation? Your online reputation should be a primary focus of your marketing strategy. Even if you do not want to be ‘online’, you are already there. Potential patients will look to online reviews and testimonials before scheduling an in-person consultation. Practices need to be aware of the information being passed along on the Internet and take control of the narrative. Join the conversation, manage your image, and steer your online reputation in the right direction. You can tackle your online reputation yourself, however it is more efficient to enlist an expert’s help, for example, implementing a feature like MD Internet Marketing’s Reputation Management service.

5. Are you available to communicate? With effective marketing, communication is key. Make sure you are visible wherever the prospective patients are, such as Google, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. This will cover your bases, ensuring that your practice is both relevant and up-to-date, while reigning in your online reputation. Other social media sites, such as Yelp and RealSelf, put your name out there, but be ready to communicate with patients. Answer RealSelf questions, reply to comments, and acknowledge emails in a timely fashion. Join whatever online directory you can find, ensuring that your practice comes up with any and every search.

MD Internet Marketing Can Help Upgrade a Tired Marketing Plan:

Marketing for the successful, modern cosmetic surgery practice is all about engaging with patients through their chosen medium. However, it can be hard to keep up with the rapidly changing advances in technology, while you run a busy medical office. MD Internet Marketing can provide your company with the best practices in marketing management, keeping your cosmetic surgery practice in top form. Call MD Internet Marketing at (954) 993-5154 with your questions, or fill out our Contact Us form for more information on how we can help grow your practice.


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