How and Why to Acquire Google Reviews for Your Cosmetic Practice

Reputaion Are you aware of how much impact Google reviews can have on your cosmetic surgery practice? These personal testimonials are seen by hundreds or even thousands of potential clients via your Google My Business profile, in the Google search results, and on Google Maps. Positive reviews play a vital role in increasing your practice’s online visibility and can directly impact your practice growth. While there is no question about how important positive reviews can be, most cosmetic surgery practices have no idea how to successfully accumulate these personal experiences.

Start by Getting Your Practice on Google My Business and Google Maps:

Think about how many times you have noticed a new business while searching for driving directions on Google Maps; this visibility is invaluable. However, have you ever taken a minute to think how these local businesses and doctor’s offices ‘magically’ pop-up on the maps?

Google My Business is the unique Google listing tool. By enrolling your business in this free service, you have the ability to manage your office’s Google presence simply and easily from a single dashboard. Each time you add additional information about your office, on your Google My Business profile, the data is automatically posted to the search engine, as well as all of Google’s other sites, including Google Maps and Google+. Before starting, make sure your office is not already listed on Google My Business, so that you do not accidentally create a duplicate listing.

Adding your business to Google Maps:

· Starts with enrolling or claiming your practice or name in Google My Business 

· Increases visibility to potential patients searching nearby locations

· It as simple as filling your profile with pertinent information about your office location

· A higher local search will result from more information, like your photos and accuracy 

· Is both easy and free

Tips for Getting Positive Reviews:

Positive reviews serve an important marketing function. They not only provide an incentive for potential patients to schedule their own consultation at your practice, but  drive your office upward in the Google search. This then puts your office name and details in front of even more new clients. All you need to boost your online positive reviews is a Google My Business account, some satisfied patients and the right strategy to acquire reviews.

Three tactics to increase your number of online reviews:

1. Reach out to your best customers. Start building a stockpile of positive reviews by directly asking your satisfied patients to leave a testimonial on your Google My Business profile. This is a guaranteed method for building some much-needed momentum, and you will see results, but it’s a numbers game that must continue to be built upon.

2. Make a review request part of every patient experience. At the end of each treatment or procedure, remind clients to post a patient testimonial. Provide a flyer, or send them a follow-up email or text with a link to your Google My Business page, making the review process as simple as possible.

3. Continue to try. It’s important to make review acquisition apart of the practice and patient everyday experience. Train your staff to help clients with the review process, some office employees even ask for their name to be mentioned in the review.

Bonus Tip 1:Do not offer a non-cash incentive, such as a coupon, for each published review of your practice. Do not be tempted to pay for positive reviews. While paying for reviews sounds like an easy trick, remember that this is a violation of Google’s terms of service. Plus, paying for good reviews is simply unethical and not the right way to go about growing your cosmetic surgery practice’s web presence.

Bonus Tip 2: Always thank the patients that take time to review your practice. Knowing that your practice is listening will increase the likelihood that he/she will return to your office for future techniques.

Master the Google Search with the help of MD Internet Marketing:

There is no need to go at it alone, when trying to increase your cosmetic surgery practice’s Google rankings through Google reviews. MD Internet Marketing is here to assist in creating a positive online presence. We can help make the most of your Google My Business account, maximizing a potential patient’s Google search. Contact MD Internet Marketing at 954.993.5154 or fill out our online Contact Us form.


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