The Power of Visualization: Before and After Images

The old adage holds true, seeing is believing, especially in the world of cosmetic surgery. A before and after image can say as much or more than multiple lines of text. With aesthetic procedures, photographs are what draw in prospective patients, creating a level of trust and sparking their desire to achieve a similar result. If high-quality and up-to-date photographs are not part of your online marketing strategy, you are more than likely missing out on new patients and losing a lot of money.

The Importance of Before and After Pictures

Before and after photographs are a powerful tool for attracting new clients, so much so that pictures have almost become a prerequisite for an in-person consultation. We live in an image-obsessed environment, with places like Amazon, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat that depend on visuals to survive. Consumers have shown to be 80% more likely to pass up a website that does not have a robust photo gallery.

There are several reasons that before and after pictures make a profitable tool for the cosmetic practice. They begin by establishing a sense of connection between the patient and the practice, acting as a window to the techniques that are available. At the same time, the photos will work to establish reasonable expectations. The pictures answer pressing questions about the provider’s skill and their ability to achieve the results that they want. When they love what they see, clients get excited and want to show the pictures to friends and family. Since social media makes sharing these images quick and easy, the cosmetic practice can gain a lot of reach simply by sharing before and after photos.

The lack of before and after photographs, on the other hand, should raise a red flag to potential patients. A patient’s first thought is that the surgeon has little experience, or the cosmetic practice rarely performs that procedure. It is widely assumed that a great plastic surgeon would never omit before and after photos. Which side of the fence do you want your anesthetic practice to sit on?

Getting the Most Out of Your Before and After Photographs

To get the full benefit of before and after photographs, concentrate on the quality of pictures before the quantity. Blurry, low-quality pictures give an unprofessional image. Learn to take them correctly and consistently. Over time, update your website with additional photos. Clear and consistent pictures show a professional, busy aesthetic practice.

The fundamentals of a good photo include:

· A high-quality camera – Invest in a nice camera for professional-looking pictures. Some inexpensive models may not show off your true colors or offer a high-resolution. To ensure consistent before and after photographs, avoid using different cameras.

· The Lenses – Different lenses are designed for different objects. Make sure your lenses can be used on any patient, both up-close and farther away.

· Optimal lighting – Play around to find the best lighting for your before and after pictures. In some areas a flash may wash out the patient and ambient lighting may cause shadows. Find your perfect, go-to spot and stick with it.

· The perfect angle – Not all angles will be flattering to the nose, the breast, and the chin. Learn which pose will show off each area. For consistent before and after shots, always use the same angle.

Keep Updating Your Before and After Photographs

Once you have taken your before and after photographs, be sure to use them to your advantage. These pictures are the initial proof that you stand by your experience, skill, and exceptional results. Once you have the patient’s written permission to use the pictures, share them whenever you can. Create online galleries of specific families of procedures, such as breast augmentation or dermal fillers for easier access and link to these on your website. Have a portfolio on your computer to share with consultation patients to explain what you can achieve. Social media is your friend so show off some of your best results. Before and after photographs are beneficial in both educational and promotion campaigns.

Trying to find a way to ramp up your digital content? Bringing in prospective patients takes more than just adding before and after pictures. MD Internet Marketing is experienced in reputation management, brand building, and expanding your online presence. Let us create an individuated online marketing plan for your aesthetic practice so that you can focus on your patients. Contact MD Internet Marketing at (954) 993-5154 or reach out through our contact us form.


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