Why Video Marketing Should Be Required in 2020

Video marketing is exactly what it sounds like: using short animated clips to promote your practice and entice new patients. While video helped make YouTube the second largest search engine on the web, it is no longer the only place to find this type of content. With the rise of social media, like Instagram and Facebook, video marketing has become a go-to piece of content in any sound online marketing strategy for the aesthetic industry.

Why Use Digital Content for Marketing a Cosmetic Surgery Practice?

The use of video for marketing aesthetic offices has been gaining momentum for quite some time. Today, all social media platforms support video making digital content a marketing tactic that can no longer be overlooked. Of those cosmetic offices that use video marketing, most of them consider it a worthy investment of both time and money. Video campaigns have been shown to grab 66% more qualified leads by achieving more than a 50% improvement in brand awareness. With these numbers, video content marketing needs to be incorporated into your online marketing plan.

How Video Marketing Can Help Your Practice Grow

While the overall value of video marketing sounds positive, many cosmetic surgeons and practice managers need a little more convincing before taking the plunge into video content. Although it will take a little more thought and time than traditional social posts, the added effort can seriously affect your bottom line.

What do providers already using video marketing have to say?

· 94% view video content as an effective marketing tool

· Over 80% report video to be a good return on investment (ROI)

· Locations saw an 81% increase in sales once video marketing was in place

· 97% report digital content helps users to better understand procedures

· 82% now make video content a key part of their online marketing strategy

Digital media grabs the attention of consumers thus giving your office a chance to differentiate itself from other practices in the area. Videos are shown to increase inquires and questions, leading to a higher number of booked consultations; exactly what you want to see in a successful sales funnel. Adding videos to your social media posts can also bump up your engagement and increase the reach of your posts. Digital content allows you to reach the emotional side of a prospective patient, creating a connection that would not be possible with an image or text. This high level of trust can increase the booking rates that will ultimately accelerate the growth of your cosmetic practice.

Tips for Improving Your Video Content

Video content may seem difficult, but it really isn’t and does not have to be perfect. It just must be tackled with a great deal of thought and care. Whether you are already using video or you are new to the video content arena, MD Internet Marketing has a few, insider tips to share that can improve your game:

Identify your hottest platform: Begin by posting digital content where your potential patients spend the most time, be it Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Next, work your way through the other platforms by re-posting the video to a different platform.

Invest in good equipment: While you can do almost anything from your iPhone, it is wise for your practice to invest in at least a few pieces of quality equipment. A good digital camera, lighting, and a microphone can go a long way for creating a polished, professional look.

Use a backdrop: Before you start, decide where you will shoot. Whether it is in a private treatment room or an office, take a few shots and see if it works. Investing in a backdrop is an easy way to making shots attractive and consistent. In addition, be mindful of what is behind you, so you do not distract your viewers.

Be intentional: Impromptu video can look amateur, even with an established cosmetic surgeon speaking. Prep your speaker and be prepaid with talking points but do not read from a script. Determine your speaker’s body position, standing for added dynamics or sitting at a desk, depending on the content and only film above the waste, no need to show anything else (like a news reporter).

Limit the length: Digital content does not mean mini movies. Most YouTube videos should be about 2-3 minutes in length, while Instagram can even have shorter videos that will run on a continuously repeating loop. Just be sure to spread out the content among different pieces, as you will not be able to hold most people’s attention for that long.

It is all about quality: Your videos should be something your practice can take pride in, so never post video content that you do not have consent for or is not HIPPA or OSHA compliant. Take the extra time to ensure the content is meaningful before doing post-production editing and polishing. There are several programs and iPhone apps that make cleaning up videos and adding music easy enough that (almost) anyone can do it.

MD Internet Marketing Can Take Your Aesthetic Video Marketing to the Next Level

As an online marketing specialist, MDIM knows how to use impactful and dynamic video content to improve your online presence and raise your bottom line while creating time for you to do what you do best: see patients. Reach out to MDIM for more information on what we do and how we can help you with video marketing and more. Call us at (954) 993-5154 or fill out MDIM’s contact us form so we can get back to you.


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