Why Having a Blog On Your Plastic Surgery Website Is Essential

As your plastic surgery practice’s marketing plan continues to evolve over the years, one constant is the ongoing process of creating new content. You might think blogs are nothing special because everyone has one, but blogging can be a valuable aspect of your online marketing plan. It is a provenly effective way to build brand awareness while also providing helpful content straight to your current and future patients. Your blog should be used to push topics important to your practice’s success, specific procedures and treatments you provide, as well as positive messages about your practice that add value to your website.

Here are some of the benefits of having an ongoing blog on your practice’s website:

· Your blog is a great way to push your own message. It’s your propaganda machine. Is there a procedure you want to sell more of? Then a blog is a great way to talk about why this treatment or procedure is beneficial for the reader. Your blog is a great place to promote other marketing assets as well, like before and after photos and treatment videos that help prospects get to know you and your work on a deeper level.

· You want patients that are actively researching the cosmetic procedure they want. So, when they search for things like “Breast Augmentation” you can provide them with interesting information on the topic and answer their most frequently asked questions. Check out one of our client’s recent blog post “What to Expect on Your Breast Augmentation Journey.” Having a blog attracts quality patients that are ready to buy and positions your practice as a leading expert in the field, while staying at the top of their minds.

· Search engines love fresh content, and having a blog is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways for your practice to boost SEO. Google’s algorithm runs on the specific guidelines of EAT (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness). Google favors businesses who showcase their expertise, so this is where you need to be ahead of your competitors, or they will receive more traffic and more quality leads than you. When you provide valuable content to Google, the search engine pushes your practice to the top of the search results when potential patients search for a specific procedure or plastic surgery practices in your area. This means content development needs to be a key component of your SEO strategy.

Quick tips for starting your blog:

· Make a list of topics you want to share. If you are having a hard time, Google search the FAQs for a popular procedure you provide. For instance, Google: “frequently asked questions for breast augmentation” then write a blog that helps provide answers for those questions.

· Choose a blog schedule, either monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. Stick to this schedule. Your audience will look forward to seeing what is new.

· Create a blog topic calendar. At MD Internet Marketing, all of our practices have a blog calendar, with topics and titles that help our clients focus on the right procedures and not have to come up with topics on their own every month.

· Add before and after photos and videos to break up the text. This will give your prospective patients everything they are looking for in one location.

· Share your blogs. It creates opportunities to share your business with others. Linking your blog brings a customer back to your website. Sharing on social media such as Instagram stories or Pinterest is a plus too.

In today’s overly saturated market, a successful blogging strategy is about more than just your product or service, it is about the experience. It is about the brand as a whole. Remember, your blogs are a direct reflection of your brand and should be shared on all your social media platforms. There’s a high chance that your blog is one of the first interactions a potential customer will have with you and most likely your practice’s blog post lack effective branding and a specific strategy to meet your practice’s procedure and revenue goals. So do it right or talk to some experts today.

(Pro Tip: Experts not only save you time and provide a better experience for your clients, but they allow your team to focus on their core competencies, while saving you money in the long run by outsourcing your marketing management.)

We understand that most doctors are busy, and probably don’t have time to nurture a blog. That’s where MD Internet Marketing can help! From creating ideas and topics to sharing your blogs, we can make a plan to get your blog strategy optimized.


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