5 Ways to Create a Seamless Patient Experience

Your patient’s experience should be the key focus of your practice! When your patient has an overall great experience, they will be loyal, get more treatments, and tell their friends and family about your practice.

The truth is even if someone loves your work, one bad experience could lead to a negative outcome such as the loss of that client, bad word-of-mouth, or a negative review.

Here are 5 ways to create a seamless experience for your patient’s entire journey with your practice:

1. Look Great Online

A potential patient’s first step is usually researching online. There are so many online tools for your business like your website, social media, online listings, etc. Your brand needs to be consistent on all of these platforms. Having an online presence instills trust in your current patients and prospects. It also builds your credibility and reputation.

2. Provide Options for Contacting Your Practice

Be accessible everywhere: live chat, email, phone, and social media are just a few examples. Being present 24/7 helps build confidence, especially in this day and age of instant gratification. People expect businesses to offer all forms of communication that make it most convenient for them to interactive with you.

If you do not have Live Chat on your website, read our blog on why you need to add it now!

3. Provide a Smooth, Friendly Experience

From start to finish your patient should feel relaxed and confident in choosing you as their provider. When everything is online or virtual you can lose that human connection, so it is important to still foster a friendly connection. If the patient’s journey as a whole goes as smoothly as the in-person visit, the entire journey feels much more seamless for the patient.

4. Create Specific Policies and Protocols for Your Team and Business to Follow

Plan, plan, plan. Having a plan for future mishaps will not only relieve some stress but make sure you are doing the right thing on a daily basis. A late policy, booking policy and money back policy are all important for a smooth patient experience. Take a look at the different parts of your patient’s journey where inconveniences are occurring such as the payment process. Improving this step in the patient journey by creating a more simple and centralized process not only helps you get paid faster but reduces patient billing surprises and adds more convenience and speed to the overall patient experience.

5. Train Your Team

This step is what can make or break your practice. Your employees drive the whole patient experience. Your team needs to be trained to your standards and be taught the core fundamentals from the beginning. This will elevate your team and hold them accountable. The biggest tip we can give you is to invest in your team and always keep training them! You can never stop learning.

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