6 Steps to Developing & Keeping a High Performance Aesthetics Team

In the world of aesthetics, establishing a high-performing team is paramount to achieving success. Without the right individuals working together, with a common mindset, your practice will never truly reach its full potential. Each member of the team, whether they’re a full-time nurse or the friendly voice answering the phone, plays a crucial role in ensuring the practice runs smoothly and customers have an amazing experience at every touch-point. However, given the challenges posed by the current environment, the task of hiring and training the right people can appear daunting. In this blog, we will delve into the importance of building a stellar aesthetics team and provide valuable insights to help you navigate this crucial process effectively.

Here are six proven tips to help you build your high-performing Aesthetics Dream team:

1. Create a Vision and Start Strong with a Solid Plan

In aesthetics, establishing a thriving team requires more than just finding skilled individuals to fill positions. It entails envisioning where you want your practice to be and creating an environment that fosters growth and longevity. By investing time and effort into developing a clear vision, you increase the likelihood of retaining staff members for years to come. But building a successful aesthetics team involves more than wishful thinking; it requires a pragmatic evaluation of the roles and numbers of team members needed to meet your practice’s unique requirements. Above all, your primary objective should be to ensure your clients receive outstanding service without any negative patient experiences. While the size of your practice will shape the team’s composition, we believe certain critical components, such as a trained sales coordinator, a reliable office manager, a warm and welcoming front office, and an empathetic and attentive team of nurses and medical assistants supporting the surgeons, are indispensable in achieving excellence. 

2. Always Be Interviewing Potential Team Members

Building a high-performing aesthetics team requires a careful and patient approach to the hiring process. Each team member plays a pivotal role in shaping morale and enhancing the overall patient experience. Therefore, it is crucial to invest time and consideration in selecting individuals who possess the right qualifications and personality traits that align with your team’s vision. When seeking new hires, it is essential to identify your top priorities, whether they be professional skills, teamwork capabilities, leadership qualities, exceptional customer service, or other key attributes. Remember, you will be spending a significant amount of time working alongside these team members, so it is important to make sure you can envision them as valuable contributors to your personal and professional life. 

3. Choose to Be Positive

One of the most captivating aspects of marketing is the ability to influence perceptions through the strategic use of words and imagery. As the CEO and leader of your private practice, you possess the capacity to empower your team on a daily basis. Each nod, smile, and interaction holds the potential to completely alter the course of someone else’s day. As the leader, you have the opportunity to be that influential force, whether positively or negatively. Cultivating a positive atmosphere within your aesthetics practice requires leading by example. Simple gestures like greeting each staff member in the morning and bidding them farewell in the evening can significantly contribute to building a harmonious workplace environment. Leading by example entails punctuality, empathy, and genuine care for your team and their personal development. Considering the amount of time team members spend together each week, forging meaningful relationships becomes paramount. The impact of these relationships extends beyond the team and directly influences the patient experience. As Maya Angelou wisely said, “people may forget what you said or did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

4. Train Your Team to Become Life Learners

In the pursuit of building a high-performing aesthetics team, ongoing training emerges as a crucial element. Training manifests in various forms, ranging from regular scheduled sessions to monthly afternoon gatherings or attending external training programs. When utilizing aesthetic devices, it becomes imperative to seek manufacturers that offer continuous clinical education, enabling employees to maximize their proficiency in handling these devices. Similarly, vendors providing skin care products or third-party financing often extend training opportunities that not only foster team bonding but also deepen their knowledge about the practice. Keeping team members updated on industry trends and emerging procedures is essential for enhancing their expertise and elevating the overall performance of your practice. Our recommended approach involves incorporating one in-office training session per month, complemented by an external training session roughly once a quarter. 

5. Develop a Foundation to Reach Your Potential 

Building a high-performing aesthetics team goes beyond assembling a group of talented individuals. It demands a commitment to investing in your employees and cultivating an environment where they feel valued and supported. Begin by establishing solid fundamentals, such as offering wages that surpass the industry standards and providing realistic benefits that cater to their needs. By prioritizing their well-being, you demonstrate a genuine commitment to their success and overall satisfaction. In addition to compensation, providing professional support is crucial for nurturing the growth and development of your team members. This involves offering resources, training programs, and mentorship opportunities that empower them to enhance their skills and expand their knowledge within the aesthetic field. By investing in their professional development, you not only foster a sense of loyalty and dedication but also cultivate a team that continuously elevates the quality of their work. By investing in your employees and ensuring their well-being, you lay the groundwork for success and create a team that is motivated, engaged, and dedicated to achieving remarkable results.

6. Use Consultants and Third Party Training Opportunities. 

In some cases, seeking external expertise for ongoing training and support in your aesthetic practice can yield significant benefits. These industry professionals often bring firsthand experience from working within medical spas or plastic surgery offices, enabling them to offer invaluable insights and implement best practices that deliver optimal results. Engaging with a reputable consultant or consulting company can provide several advantages. First and foremost, they bring an external perspective and fresh ideas that may not be readily apparent within your practice. Their objective viewpoint allows them to identify areas of improvement and offer tailored solutions to enhance your team’s performance and overall practice efficiency. Moreover, consultants with extensive experience in the industry have likely encountered similar challenges and obstacles that your practice may face. By leveraging their expertise, you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and benefit from proven strategies to overcome these hurdles effectively.

Coaching and training opportunities provided by consulting firms can also alleviate some of the burdens of guiding and developing your team. These programs equip your team members with the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to deliver exceptional results consistently. By honing their abilities through ongoing training, your team can stay updated on the latest techniques, industry trends, and customer service practices.

Additionally, collaborating with a consulting company can establish a long-term partnership that extends beyond a one-time training session. They become a valuable resource for your organization, providing continuous support, guidance, and training to ensure your team remains at the forefront of the industry. With their industry experience and deep understanding of the aesthetic landscape, they can assist in navigating challenges, implementing new technologies, and adapting to evolving market demands. By leveraging the expertise of external consultants, you empower your practice to continually grow, adapt, and thrive. Their guidance, support, and ongoing training opportunities can offer a valuable investment in the development and success of your aesthetic team.

Building a solid team is crucial for the success of any business, and MD Internet Marketing specializes in guiding professionals like you through the process. We possess a deep understanding of the unique dynamics within the aesthetic industry and can provide you with comprehensive guidance on digital marketing and team-building strategies tailored specifically to your practice. If you are interested in learning how to build a solid team and developing proven marketing strategies, please contact MD Internet Marketing for more information.


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