The 4 Pieces of Content Every Successful Website Should Have

A website is more than just a static online presence. It’s a living, breathing marketing tool that requires continuous effort to stay relevant and effective. To maximize its potential, a website must be regularly updated with fresh, high-quality content that meets a high standard of creativity and reliability. This means creating content that resonates with your target audience and provides value, whether that’s in the form of blog posts, videos, infographics, or other types of content.

At MD Internet Marketing, we understand the importance of outstanding online content. In fact, we’ve isolated the four most important parts of great online content: relevance, usefulness, uniqueness, and consistency. Relevance means creating content that is timely and relevant to your target audience. Usefulness means providing valuable information or solving a problem for your audience. Uniqueness means creating content that stands out from the competition and offers a fresh perspective. Consistency means maintaining a schedule for creating and publishing content that search engines can rely on.

Does your website include all of these elements? If not, it may be time to rethink your content strategy. At MD Internet Marketing, we can help you create a content plan that meets your goals and drives results. From content creation to search engine optimization, we have the expertise and tools to help your website work at its optimum level.

1. Original Work:

Adding content to your website may feel like a slow, painful process. However, taking a ‘shortcut’ to quick content by copying text from other sites is not only unethical, it can dramatically damage your SEO rankings. Other businesses trust that you will be a fair competitor, and readers put their faith into finding honest, fresh information on your site.

Learn all you can about the topics that matter most to your clients – and take a lesson from other businesses who have already navigated these waters. Learn what you can bring to the table, drawing consumers into your site. Add before and after photos, videos and other pieces of original content can help improve your websites rankings.

2. Information Valuable to the Target Audience:

Valuable information loses ‘value’ when it misses the target audience. No matter how insightful or meaningful your content is, if the information is not presented at the reader’s level, it will go over their head. Furthermore, going off topic can quickly lose a client’s attention, as most people scan content to see if it matches their immediate need. Readers are impatient, so while fluff and filler may provide word count, clients may click over to another site.

Always keep your target audience in mind. Potential clients should be able to quickly find the answers to their questions on your website. Ask yourself, does my content clearly offer the intended message, presented at my reader’s level?

3. Organization and Meticulous Attention to the Details

Clearly written, well-organized content reflects your company and services. If you content is neat and effective, customers will think you can successfully take care of their needs. Content that is a mess, poorly written, and filled with errors tells clients that your work is unprofessional.

Look at your content from a customer’s point of view. Are there organized, highlighted sections such as an ‘About’ page or ‘Contact Us’ link? Your office’s location, phone number, hours, and social media links should be up-to-date and easy to see.

4. Scheduled Maintenance

You worked hard to create unique, relatable, informative content. However, you are not finished – a website is not a set-it-and-forget-it tool; it is a continual work in progress. Come back to it often to add, edit, or improve the language, photos, videos and other information. Continuously maintaining the content on your site ensures all of the information is relevant and properly reflects your growing business.

Your marketing strategy should include consistently adding new material. To engage customers, blogs should be added on a consistent schedule, weekly or, at the minimum, monthly. Pictures need to look fresh and all links should work properly.

MD Internet Marketing

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