The Benefits of Text Messaging in 2020 & Beyond

Two-way texting has become more than just a luxury for healthcare offices…patients expect it. And if you’re not able to meet that expectation in the “COVID world,” patients will find a provider who can.

Did you know that the average adult spends about 23 hours a week texting?! And the open rate is over 95%!

It is essential in today’s day and age to be efficient about how you communicate with your patients. Providing accurate and timely communication is key to building a strong client relationship. Consumers are increasingly expecting the ability to connect with your business through a variety of different options, including online scheduling and text communications. Regardless of the pandemic, there is a fundamental shift in online and digital activities that has only been accelerated. There are a variety of great options available and as a small business, you need to make sure that every interaction you have helps build a better and more connected patient relationship.

Here are just some of the benefits of adding text messaging to your practice’s patient outreach:

-Quick & Effective Communication

We are seeing a dramatic increase in staff efficiencies with text messaging as it can be used for both new leads and post-op care. Your potential and current patients can easily reach out with their questions and your staff can follow up with them immediately, without having to wait for a phone call or for the patient to check their email.

One of the most effective ways to use texting is on your website. With SMS messaging clients can interact with a live agent who can help transition the web visitor into a lead, complete with a phone number, email, interested procedure, and more. After a client has already interacted with your practice, texting can also be used to guide potential patients further down the customer journey. Clients can be followed up with post treatment, sent special offers, as well as reminders for their appointments.

– Get a Positive Brand Perception

64% of consumers think positively of companies that offer texting services. Staying up-to-date on digital tools can show patients your keeping up with the latest trends. It also shows that your practice is easy to communicate with, and you strive to make life easier for your patient. It can go a long way for consumers who are accustomed to easy accessibility and convenience. They like the ability to have several methods of contacting and engaging with your practice.

– Several Popular Platforms Have Text Messaging Features

Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram all have messaging features that are convenient for your patient. Some of these platforms allow for integration with a managed Live Chat product, while others must be managed and maintained individually. Your practice should be using these tools every day to help maintain your online brand and send positive signals to the algorithms. Most of these platforms keep track of the amount of time it takes a practice or small business to reply to a message and we would be willing to bet that taking a long time to reply will negatively impact your ranking. Consumers never like to be put on hold or wait around for a reply and really like options for communication that fit their lifestyle.

– Save Time With Text Message Templates

Creating templated responses to help answer frequently asked questions will help your team so they will not have to waste time with repetitive information. This option not only saves time, but more importantly decreases the possibility of errors. Whether it was a simple typo or incorrect information, these mistakes usually end in the same result – a perplexed and aggravated patient. With a templated text message, there is no need to worry about these mistakes.

Texting is not a trend that will disappear! Especially in these uncertain times, the ability to text will help build stronger connections with your patients. With HIPAA compliant texting services, you will be able to always connect with patients in the channel they prefer and will never miss out on an interaction. Whether or not you are thinking about using text messages or Live Chat to improve your patient communications and marketing objectives, we know your competitors and Fortune 500 companies are implementing these features across their client journeys. By adding text messages or Live Chat your practice and your team members, will be able to improve patient satisfaction and efficiencies, which should improve your overall performance metrics.

If you are not using text messaging or a Live Chat feature, now is your chance to level up your interactions with customers and give them what they want. MD Internet Marketing offers several Live Chat options and works with several third-party products like Klara and Podium to help practices improve their patient communications. Contact us at (954) 993-5154 to learn more about adding Live Chat and text messaging to your practice.


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