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If you’re in the aesthetics industry or any sector of the medical industry, you have probably heard the name Karen Zupko.

Karen Zupko is an internationally recognized thought leader and speaker on the challenges of running your medical business. She addresses the entire organizational system, including strategic marketing, business development, operational planning, staff education, online reputation management, social media strategy, financial management and budgeting, compliance monitoring, public relations and leadership. Her company, KarenZupko & Associates advises physicians and healthcare managers about how to successfully navigate a dynamic, changing industry that often seems as if it’s moving at hyperspeed.

Just over 10 years ago, Karen wrote an article that directed the spotlight on Logan Pence, who today is the CEO of MD Internet Marketing. At the time the article was written, Logan was a Practice Administrator for a Houston Cosmetic Surgery practice. During his time at this practice, he helped lead the team to consistent growth, in many areas of the business and he continues to work with this practice today.

Below is the full article from 2011 written by Karen Zupko.

Whoever coined the phrase “youth is wasted on the young” never met 28 year old Logan Pence, Practice Administrator at Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery in Houston. In a field where image is king, Logan, a former model, and actor, takes full advantage of his youthful good looks. Although they may have helped him get his foot in the door, they’re not the reason that he’s been so successful.

Logan has succeeded because he knows what he wants, and goes for it. He isn’t worried about whether or not people like him. He’s worried about making a profit. That’s his job. The fact that he’s so young, and worked for his father’s apparel business growing up means that he approaches the business from a different angle than most. For him, the practice is a retail store, and in retail, it’s all about managing your resources. And Logan’s managing very well.

During his two years at Vitenas, Logan has increased revenue over 25% a year. He tripled attended consultations, and has grown Facebook likes from 122 to 8,600 by aggressively managing the practice’s social networking strategy. He’s bumped their Allergan Partner Program from Platinum to Black Diamond status, and increased new marketing leads from 80 to 270+ per month. Not bad for a kid who pretty much fell into the business.

Logan started his career as an intern at Nova Cosmetic Center & Medical Spa in Orlando while still in college. At the time, he had no interest in plastics, but the internship paid $10 an hour. Which was better than the nothing he was being paid. A marketing and business major, Logan took to the job like a duck to water. After graduation, Nova offered him a full time marketing position, and 4 months later, when the practice administrator left, Logan wrote a 4 page proposal asking for her position. No one had ever done that before. Needless to say, he got the gig.

Logan’s rise has been swift because he gets results. He uses analytical data gathered from Nextech to determine many of his marketing, and business decisions. He can do percentages in his head faster than most of us can blink, and tracks conversions, new contacts, revenue per consult, and revenue per hour to name just a few. He loves Google Analytics, and drives his SEO company crazy, pushing them to constantly readjust their plan until he is satisfied with the positive growth on the website.

Logan also believes in staying educated. He took his first, of many, KZA workshops about 6 years ago. “I respect Karen… She brings a lot of experience, and energy to her seminars, and I trust and value her opinion”. Logan understands that the business is always evolving, and that it’s “important to be paying attention to new ideas, new insights, and new revenue streams in order to make adjustments to our model”.

Bottom line, Logan knows how to “squeeze the most out of a dollar”. Which is one of the many reasons that KZA has been such a fan since we first met “the kid” back when he was still an intern. Logan not only thinks outside the box, but is constantly pursuing new avenues of growth. This is a man to watch. Trust us, He’s only going to get better with age.

Logan Pence is now the CEO of MD Internet Marketing, which was founded in 2013, and is continually making strides in the aesthetics industry. He has been a published author in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal of American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In addition, he is trusted by over a dozen of the top Plastic Surgeons in the United States. His company has helped generate over $30 Million in Aesthetic Revenue in 2021, and helped generate over 1,000 5-star Google Reviews.

Together, Logan along with his team of aesthetic marketing experts, form a marketing management firm that strives to help capture patients, increase revenues, and strengthen each practice’s reputation through various digital strategies.

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