How to Use Social Media to Reach Your Holiday Sales Goals

Social Media, especially in the form of short videos, continues to show value, drive reach, and increase engagement. This is bringing in hundreds of new patients into practices that are able to create and share quality content. There are so many aesthetic brands in the market which compete to win substantial advertising space in social media, therefore it is critical to cut through the digital noise to ensure that your practice stands out from the crowd. Social media is one of the most essential and productive components of an aesthetics brand’s overall marketing and sales strategy. Adding more short form video can help your practice take advantage of the heavy shopping holiday season to win more sales and increase revenues.

When planning your holiday posts, it is essential to remember that the current trend on social media platforms is incredibly visual. And platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, etc., mainly rely on short form video, and gifs to spice things up. Make sure you don’t miss out on this trend and plan to use a marketing agency or Canva to increase your practices’ creativity and artistic abilities.

Here are ways to utilize social media during the upcoming holiday rush:

Thinking ahead and scheduling posts in advance using (Meta) Business Suite or

Creating a social media calendar will allow your practice to track their posts across all of your social media channels, as they ensure there is enough coverage to stay in front of your patients. As timing is of utmost importance, having this type of calendar can allow you to follow through the holidays, promoting your treatments and services to your prospects and existing customers alike. It’s helpful to plan ahead rather than throwing something together to post at the last minute.

Of course, establishing such a calendar depends on a practice’s ability to plan and produce great content beforehand. It would be best to have a few people on your team working together to efficiently create content and update your social media accounts when the holiday gets into full-swing. Or you can partner with a social media marketing agency that specializes in aesthetics in order to help maximize your time and resources.

Remain fun, engaging, and active online

Creating engaging and up-to-date content might be the primary step to using social media to boost your holiday sales, but engagement is the most profound factor. It’s a good idea to encourage your customers to post feedback or share testimonials about your treatments and services. Yet, it’s also crucial that you have a designated team or someone specific to manage and respond to these customers and their comments on your various accounts’ posts.

Doing so can set your practice apart and highlight your uniqueness in the digital space. Providing enough attention to address your customers’ needs, giving direction to move forward, and thanking individuals for their feedback are some examples of going the extra mile.

Here are three other things you can do to connect with customers and boost your holiday sales:

  1. Learn more and study your audience, including their behavior, purchasing patterns, etc.
  2. If a consumer posts a comment or feedback on any of your social media channels, it’s crucial to engage with them further by posting a question or sharing a relevant personal experience as a response.
  3. Be authentic and participate in honest conversations. It is best if your audience feels that they are dealing with a live person rather than an automated system.

During the holiday season, we see the trend  where people spend more time on social media in early October (for the shoppers that plan ahead) reaching its pinnacle on New Year’s Eve (our favorite last minute shoppers). Within this timeframe, consumers are typically preoccupied with rummaging their newsfeeds for gift ideas. Social media is a powerful tool to achieve impactful holiday sales as you continue to bring joy to the hearts of many through what you offer. But also, let’s not forget that as we think about making our customers and dear ones happy for Christmas, the joy that this season brings starts from within. Cheers to a successful upcoming Holiday Season!

Building a social media marketing calendar requires planning, forethought, and an understanding of the overall marketing strategy. If you’re considering an update to your social media plans, don’t forget that MD Internet Marketing is here to help! Our experienced team of content creators can make sure practice has a strong presence on social media.


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