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Marketing Resources for Your Practice

Social Media:

12.18.19 - Social media image sizes: The 2020 cheat sheet -

12.16.19 - The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags for 2020 -

5 Tips to Launching Your First Paid Instagram Marketing Campaign -

Social Media Trends 2020 -

State of Social 2019 Report -

3.21.19 - How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Aesthetic Practice -

11.18.18 - The Big List of The 61 Best Social Media Tools for Small Business -

7.18.19 - How to Create a Unique Instagram Aesthetic that Fits Your Brand - 

12.13.18 - Study: Google Placement Favors Physicians’ Social Media Presence–Not Smarts and Skills -


2.25.20 - 10 Ways to Maximize Your Recent Award

1.8.2019 - Best Practices for Showcasing Patients' Results

11.1.18 - 5 Blogging Tips for Aesthetics Practices

3.16.19 - 4 Elements of an Optimized Blog Template -

Free Resources:

Keyword Tool:

Image Resizer:

Keyword Tool:

Keyword Generator:

SEO Tool:

Find duplicate content, broken links, and more:

Competitor Keyword Research Tool:

Inbound Marketing Resource:

Test your landing page’s effectiveness:

Online Photo Editor:

Design product to help create beautiful posts:

Create online charts and graphs:

Provides analytics on your Instagram efforts:

Assists in engaging customers that are Social Media savvy:

Digital Marketing Webinars:

20 Cosmetic Patient Attraction Strategies for 2020:

FFAS Webinars:

Paid Resources:

SEO Software and Data:

All-in-One Marketing Toolkit:

Photo Editing & Management:

Marketing Platform -

Online Digital Market Place for Service Providers -

Business Development:

1.9.2019 - This year, master best practices—then break them -

7.29.19 - Money is Calling - Invest in Your First Impression -

3.6.2019 - How to Use a Winner's Mindset to Become a Champion in the Workplace

1.18.19 - How to Run a SWOT Analysis on Your 2019 Goals -

4.16.20 - How to Manage Your Entire Marketing Budget -

3.20.18 – Improving Patient Conversion Through Before-and-After Photos -

The 5 Plastic Surgery Marketing Strategies Your Practice Must Be Doing -

Successful Client Retention through Education: Five Hacks That Every Aesthetic Clinic Can Replicate -

Top Ways to Attract More Patients to Your Practice in 2020 -


4.24.20 - Why Video Marketing Should Be Required in 2020 -

7.12.19 - Give Your Marketing Videos Maximum Reach With This Distribution Checklist -

1.9.19 -18 Best Free Video Editing Software for Marketers -

11.30.18 -How to Create Engaging Short Videos for Social Media -

Reputation and Reviews:

How to Respond to a Negative Online Reviews -

How to protect, repair, and optimize your company's reputation -

3.12.20 - 5 Real Strategies for Acquiring More 5-Star Reviews -

1.28.20 - 10 reasons your customers’ online reviews are the secret to growing your business -

3.22.20 - How to Get Google Reviews From Your Customers -

3.13.20 - A Med Spa Owner's Guide to Yelp and Bad Reviews -

12.9.19 – 8 Online Reputation Management Trends to Follow in 2020 -


10.12.2018 - Landing Pages For Aesthetics Practices -

9.30.2018 - Calculating Google Ads ROI -

9.5.2018 - From Click to Conversion: How to Optimize Custom Pages -

11 Paid Search Tactics -

Front Office Training:

Front Office Training – 7 Steps To A Positive First Impression

Top Phone Skill Tips To Grow Your Med Spa

Mystery Shop Medical Practice:

Building An Effective Phone Plan:

Building Rapport:

Yellow Telescope Wants to Turn Your Front Desk Staff into Superheroes:

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