Why a Practice Assessment is the Key to Business Growth

We Offer More Than Just Cosmetic Marketing & Reputation Management

Plastic Surgeons are constantly asking themselves how to improve their practices by increasing revenue and booking more procedures. MD Internet Marketing offers an exceptional practice assessment plan, designed to maximize your practice’s resources, increase your conversion rates, and provide staff training and team support. Kowing the best business strategies will mean nothing if you and your staff do not put them to use on an ongoing basis.


During the practice assessment, MD Internet Marketing will spend time understanding your office flow by completing a patient experience journey. This provides us with a snapshot of your office, front-line staff, patients, and team/client interactions. We then provide honest feedback on your service and delivery process to help increase patient satisfaction, referrals and 5-star online reviews, and identify any gaps that are costing you money.

The Pre-Assessment Strategy Call:

Everything begins with an initial strategy call, as getting to know you and your practice prior to our full assessment will give us clues into the potential leaks in the process. We will discuss your office’s processes, practice gaps, staff structure, perceived strengths and weaknesses, as well as any other areas where MD Internet Marketing has seen 8 figure practices add value.

Key Performance Metrics

Many of the answers we seek are in your numbers. We will review your revenue streams by provider and procedure, as well as referral sources, marketing efforts, marketing budget, return on investment (ROI), and additional data. [For your peace of mind, we always sign an NDA.]

The Practice Assessment:


A good team needs ongoing training to effectively move clients from internet shopper to consultation. By mystery-shopping, MD Internet Marketing can get a feel for how your calls are being handled. You will be provided with the phone recordings, as well as detailed feedback for improvement. This information should be shared with the team for training purposes.

Converting Skills Training

Money is left on the table when your staff is not professionally trained to close appointments and convert consultations into paid procedures. MD Internet Marketing provides templates and training to increase these conversions. Depending on the specific practice gaps identified during our assessment, live trainings are available on various topics, including:

1) How to Consistently Acquire 5-Star Reviews

2) How to Create an Effective Marketing Plan

3) How to Convert More Consultations


Our fees are designed to give your practice the most for your investment. We will provide a detailed report of the suggested changes, designed for a full 90-days of support, ensuring each strategy is properly executed and functioning. Hard-copy deliverables and supporting materials are included, providing tools to be used by staff both now and in the future.

On-Site Assessment = $3,500 per month for 3 months (travel included)

Virtual Assessment = $2,500 per month for 3 months

Live and Virtual Consulting Plans

MD Internet Marketing can take your practice from good to great by identifying those elements of your practice that are working, and those that are not. Our goal is to ‘better your best’ regarding staff, practice structure, and processes. The scope of our work during the initial 90 days is as follows:

Create Marketing Plan & Budget  

MD Internet Marketing will determine how much of your marketing money is being spent towards a solid ROI. We will follow your patient conversion funnel, from the initial inquiry, all the way through to the scheduling of a procedure, to ensure each lead is being followed up on in a professional and systematic way.

Armed with this information, a New Patient Attraction and Conversion Blueprint will be mapped out, providing a step-by-step method on how to maintain a busy schedule with new and existing patients. We will incorporate an automatic system for monitoring the progress of new patients that will consistently ‘return, refer and review’.

Follow-Up Visit Analysis & Report:

Your assessment package will contain a digital and hard copy of MD Internet Marketing’s customized report. This will reiterate our findings and provide succinct actionable steps to fine-tune your business metrics, thus giving you better control over the health of your practice.

SWOT Analysis:

The SWOT analysis will identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This document is useful in formulating goals focused on your practice’s vision. Use your SWOT Analysis to review your growth and achievements on a yearly basis, ensuring staff and structure remains aligned with your core values.

Active On-Going Coaching:

Your practice will need support as these changes are implemented and the new behaviors become a habit. For at least three months, you will have access to MD Internet Marketing’s staff coaching via phone, text, and email support. We can answer questions and offer clarification on topics such as practice building, attracting patients, and staff training. We also provide strategy calls, as needed.

Have questions about a practice assessment plan, strategic planning, or reputation management? Call MD Internet Marketing at (954) 993-5154 or fill out our or fill out our Contact Us form.


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