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The Benefits of Text Messaging in 2020 & Beyond

Two-way texting has become more than just a luxury for healthcare offices…patients expect it. And if you’re not able to meet that expectation in the “COVID world,” patients will find a provider who can. Did you know that the average adult spends about 23 hours a week texting?! And the open rate is over 95%! […]
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How to Create and Optimize Your Practice’s Follow-Up Strategy

As an established digital marketing agency with over 10 years of experience in the aesthetic industry, we have created over 100,000 leads for both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Unfortunately, many of those leads will never convert into a consultation or paying client without a sound follow-up system in place that every team member understands and […]
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5 Reasons to Add Live Chat to Your Website

Quality customer service is one of the most important aspects to have in your practice. And giving both new clients and existing patients different ways to communicate with the practice can help you create the best possible patient experience. Creating a great experience by having effective communication in the digital age is a valuable asset […]
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5 Ways to Provide Ongoing Training to Your Team

Training your team should be one of the top priorities of your practice, right next to patient safety, and providing a great customer experience. Part of developing a great plastic surgery practice is building a strong team around the plastic surgeon so they can make him or her more efficient and more profitable. In order […]
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The Power of Visualization: Before and After Images

The old adage holds true, seeing is believing, especially in the world of cosmetic surgery. A before and after image can say as much or more than multiple lines of text. With aesthetic procedures, photographs are what draw in prospective patients, creating a level of trust and sparking their desire to achieve a similar result. […]
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Why Video Marketing Should Be Required in 2020

Video marketing is exactly what it sounds like: using short animated clips to promote your practice and entice new patients. While video helped make YouTube the second largest search engine on the web, it is no longer the only place to find this type of content. With the rise of social media, like Instagram and […]
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5 Real Strategies for Acquiring More 5-Star Reviews

You may find some of 2020’s reputation management statistics surprising. More than 90% of consumers report that their buying decisions, including their choices in healthcare, are swayed by online reviews and over 87% admit they comparison-shop ratings before setting an appointment with a medical professional. What you should take-away from these stats is simple: the […]
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The Business of Plastic Surgery: Navigating a Successful Career

The Business of Plastic Surgery: Navigating a Successful Career 2nd Edition was released in September of last year. A follow-up to the bestselling 2010 edition, this revised edition includes a plethora of new information and updated data. MD Internet Marketing has had the pleasure of working with both amazing authors, Joshua M. Korman, MD, FACS, […]
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It’s December and That Means it is Time for Your Annual Check-Up

As the year comes to an end, now is a great time to review what has been successful for your practice and what did not work so well. That way, before going into 2020, you know where to direct your focus and your resources. Remember, things can change swiftly in the aesthetics industry. To stay […]
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5 Google Products Your Practice Should Be Using

Google provides some of the most valuable tools available to help grow your practice and we highly recommend you take the time to learn about what products and programs the top practices in the country are using to grow their medical practices. Google is impacting most of the small and large business at this time […]

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