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Video: A Must-Have for Your Practice’s Marketing Strategy

Video content is an authoritative way to show potential patients how your cosmetic surgery practice is different from your local competition. Uploaded on YouTube, your website, and other social media outlets, short videos are an excellent way to enhance the user experience. This content helps effectively show your expertise to a wide audience, especially those […]
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How to Use Inbound Marketing for Plastic Surgeons

What is inbound marketing? It is the purposeful content created by your practice, waiting to be found by consumers and thus establishing a meaningful and profitable connection with your office. While outbound marketing is made up of direct advertising, inbound marketing is a broader mindset and methodology used to draw in customers through various avenues […]
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Five Things to Look for When Hiring a Practice Consultant

The notion that one strategy will work for any and every aesthetic practice is nonsensical. Each practice is unique, with different goals and needs. For example, while some doctors want to operate every day, others feel comfortable hiring an associate and working only two to three days a week. Some cosmetic surgery offices have an […]
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So, Your Aesthetic Practice Got a Bad Review. Now What?

A single, bad review can be your worst nightmare. You’ve worked hard to establish a plastic surgery practice around your good bedside manner and patient care, but one day, POOF! Your hard-earned reputation is tarnished by a grumpy person having a bad day. Customer reviews can positively or negatively influence your Google search ranking, which […]
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Your Aesthetic Practice Needs a Marketing Budget

The idea of creating a marketing budget may seem overwhelming. In fact, many cosmetic and plastic surgery practices fail to see the need to create a clear and well-thought-out budget. This jagged piece of the marketing puzzle involves deciding how much you will spend on advertising, when you will spend it, and where to channel […]
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How to Introduce a New Service or Technology to Your Practice

Every cosmetic surgery practice has gone through the challenging experience of bringing aboard a new service. Often, this process does not go as smoothly as the sales representative made it sound during their initial pitch. Getting the marketing campaign started, well before the technology arrives, is a good way to ease this transition. Marketing a […]
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6 Ways to Improve Your Local SEO Ranking

Every cosmetic surgery practice knows that their search engine optimization (SEO) ranking is vital for acquiring new patients. However, keep in mind that it is normally the local patients that schedule an appointment after a Google search, not those from the other side of the country. Therefore, ranking under the general search term ‘breast implants” […]
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Is it Time to Upgrade Your Marketing Program?

No matter how successful you may find your current marketing program, there is always room for improvement. Fortunately, in our digital era, there are many new innovative methods – as well as thousands of marketing companies – available to help you achieve your marketing goals. Whether you are opening a brand new cosmetic surgery practice, […]
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How and Why to Acquire Google Reviews for Your Cosmetic Practice

Reputaion Are you aware of how much impact Google reviews can have on your cosmetic surgery practice? These personal testimonials are seen by hundreds or even thousands of potential clients via your Google My Business profile, in the Google search results, and on Google Maps. Positive reviews play a vital role in increasing your practice’s […]

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