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10 Recommendations to Reputation Marketing

The idea of reputation management may bring to mind the unwanted task of addressing bad press or messy online reviews. However, reputation marketing is so much more. The idea is to proactively build your reputation through the acquisition of an increasing number of positive reviews. In our digital age, established patients have a massive influence […]
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5 Simple Ways to Increase Body Contouring Appointments

Body contouring techniques are among today’s hottest aesthetic procedures, both surgical and noninvasive. Staying on top of the newest and most effective body contouring procedures is a must for many cosmetic surgery practices. However, this also means a lot of competition from your plastic surgery peers, general practitioners, local gyms, and even surrounding weight loss […]
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Money is Calling – Invest in Your First Impression

Did you know that turn over at the front office will most likely lead to a decrease in phone leads? The way each phone call is handled can have a major impact on the practices’ revenue and the overall success of the practice. It’s important to put in the time and necessary effort to continuously […]
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The Top Five Benefits of Having A LOT of Reviews

It does not matter if your practice offers innovative and cutting-edge procedures, is staffed with the most highly trained team members, and your surgical suite is one of the area’s most technologically advanced , without an amazing online reputation new patients will not consider your practice when searching for their aesthetic needs. The chance to […]
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How to Successfully Market and Profit Your Patient Events

A well-planned and well-executed event can bring in a substantial profit for your practice, build long-term relationships with clients, and help focus the team on a specific treatment or service. However, a successful event cannot just be thrown together last minute. Hosting a successful and worthwhile event takes careful planning, time and effort. But if […]
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Five Ways to Keep Your Patients Coming Back

Most cosmetic surgery practices focus their marketing dollars on attracting new patients. These new client leads are the focus of the marketing spend and are usually under a lot of scrutiny to produce results. When you’re just starting your practice, you will only have new business, but as you progress in your career some of […]
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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Aesthetic Practice

No doubt your plastic surgery practice wants to stay on top of its social media game, however consistently generating quality content on multiple social platforms can be extremely challenging. Instead of continuing to throw away time and effort on less-than-spectacular posts, MD Internet Marketing has provided some real strategies to help you refocus your practice’s […]
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The Top Ten Marketing Must Haves

Developing a marketing plan does not have to be as difficult as it may appear. Even so, many cosmetic surgery practices feel immediately overwhelmed at the thought of creating a written plan that they can put into action. The best way to make the process manageable is to break it down into smaller pieces. MD […]
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Partnering with a Social Media Expert in 2019

Using expert coaching like MD Internet Marketing can help optimize your social media marketing strategy and leverage your time by helping you accelerate the growth of your business in a seamless way, while always being true to brand identity. When selecting a marketing agency or consultant to help you practice with social media, we would […]
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Understanding the Plastic Surgery Sales Funnel

Understanding and improving your sales pipeline is a vital piece of the marketing strategy. While the concept may sound complicated, breaking the sales funnel into smaller steps makes the process easier to navigate. A sales funnel is made up of individual segments, each representing the various stages a prospective patient will cycle through as they […]

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